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8 mag 2014, ore 22:03
13 giu 2015, ore 11:18
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Original was made by TokyoNightingale. I did little modified and little bug fixes.
This mod adds many weapons.

== HOW TO USE ==
1. Launch Postal2
2. Go to NewGame --> Workshop...
3. Select "Mods" tab and double click "TnInventory" to add this mod
4. Press "Start" button to start game!
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31 lug 2018, ore 1:03
TnInventory (Описание на русском.)
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158 commenti
Rex Erekcja 3 set, ore 16:18 
Crap. It doesn't work. In Workshop I have no options this in mods list. Any ideas how to fix it?
enraged snoipeh 12 mar, ore 15:46 
what do i do if my scope is constantly zooming out on the sniper rifles in different packs? i need help
Kindness Dragon 20 lug 2018, ore 10:18 
Rest in peace...and Don't Regret Nothing Автор первого но прекрасного Мода пушек:steamsad:
__U_S_S_R__ 21 mag 2018, ore 6:00 
Жаль, но создатель этого мода умер((.... Как и Чамп...((
wolfinston85 11 dic 2017, ore 16:01 
Made my game crash as well, just reporting it, I know how it varies between system to system, but even then, I'm not the only one with this problem.

Might be worth to check it out.
Agent Darkbootie 21 ago 2017, ore 7:03 
Where did that come from?

Actually, finish the game, no cheats, no mods. Then you will get a menu in the game that gives you cheats, I believe.
That One Croat 21 ago 2017, ore 5:54 
for god sake, use the SISSY command in the console and then enter payload, it'll automatically give you 9999 bullets for any gun, no problem, and who cares if your game crashes, i dont
Agent Darkbootie 23 lug 2017, ore 2:15 
Is this the mod with the M4super90?
Dial Soap 11 lug 2017, ore 16:56 
how do i get more ammo
❤ ᴅᴏɴ'ᴛ ғoʀɢᴇᴛ. 26 feb 2017, ore 19:17