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Underground Realms
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Underground Realms

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Welcome to Underground Realms !

The purpose of this mod is to make several empire set up actually playable to get them a meaningful impact on the game.

For now, here are the Empire set-ups I worked on :

- Criminal Heritage
- Gospel of the Masses
- Any Spiritual Empire that wants to take the Transcendence Path

You'll find tools, features, game events that spice up your game, even in multiplayer contexts, which will make other people care about you more, and even fear you at some point.

For instance, Criminal Heritages can conquer planets without going to war, simply by letting crime soar and grow within their victims planets.
Dark Cults are a thing, but be careful with the forces you're playing with...

I have plans to develop the Shroud impact into the game and Barbaric Despoilers gameplay also in a near future.

Join my Discord Server !
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114 commenti
Nova Solarius 5 feb, ore 15:22 
Works great now. Thanks for the fix.
Zefnar  [autore] 5 feb, ore 10:08 
Ok ! My bad, I figured this out ! :)
It should work as intended now. Keep in mind that your leader MUST be Psionic or Chosen One !
Zefnar  [autore] 5 feb, ore 10:01 
Hello @Nova Solarius.
There is no ethic check for the edict. Maybe you're talking about the event itself?
Could you give more details? I'm on the file right now.
Nova Solarius 4 feb, ore 17:10 
Hi. Can you remove the spiritualist requirement for Zro Infusion? I have altered my ethics after getting Ascension, which means that I now have a psionic materialist empire. When I attempted to use Zro Infusion afterwards, I found out to my great displeasure that I can't activate either option, since the upper choice requires spiritualist while the lower requires a non-psionic leader, nor can I close the window.

Honestly, I don't think having a spiritualist requirement for the upper of the two options makes much sense, given that non-spiritualist psionic empires can occur in vanilla. Even less so since the lower option doesn't require it.
XVCV 24 gen, ore 14:16 
I am really appreciate. Thank you!
Zefnar  [autore] 24 gen, ore 14:13 
@Mengsk Yeah, you know where I get my references x)
Zefnar  [autore] 24 gen, ore 14:13 
@XVCV It should work as attended now :)
XVCV 24 gen, ore 14:03 
I can give you file if you need. Test it by yourself if you want.
XVCV 24 gen, ore 14:02 
Well, as I said in my comment you can overwrite only part of it. Currently problem is it overwrites 'entire' file where you don't have to.
Zefnar  [autore] 24 gen, ore 14:01 
@XCVC Unfortunately, I need it to allow Criminal Syndicate to open branch offices on other Megacorps :/ I'll try to find a way to overcome this.