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Slay the Spire

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The Poker Player
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The Poker Player

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Join Poker Player with unique gameplay!

This is a full character mod with 87 new cards, 13 relics, and 1 exclusive event.

Available languages: ENG, KOR, ZHS(by Rita-Bernstein)

* Updated for Slay the Spire v2.0 release. I will appreciate if you report any bugs or crashes.

Recommended for:
- People who played enough StS that wants a completely different experience.
- Those who want to play Poker in StS!
- Those who don't want to play Poker, but use them in a different manner.
- People who like the experience of crafting an ambitious deck.
- You.

Main Mechanics: Poker Cards
There are 40 Poker cards. "Poker" is a new card type with Suit and Rank.
- Suit: Diamond, Spade, Club, Heart
- Rank: 1 to 10
When you play a Poker card, it just draws 1 card.

At the end of your turn, you enter a phase called "Showdown", where you get the effects from Poker cards in your hand.
Depending on what Poker Hand[] you score, the effects become stronger!
(If you have more than 5 Poker cards in hand, you have to discard down to 5 cards.)

Balance and Banned contents
Because of how Poker cards are played, several relics/cards are not available if you play as the Poker Player for being too overpowered or confusing.
- Relics: Snecko Eye, Centennial Puzzle, Runic Pyramid, Bag of Preparation, Pocketwatch, Gremlin Horn, Pandora's Box, Unceasing Top, Dead Branch
- Card: Deep Breath, Impatience, Master of Strategy, Mayhem, Magnetism
- Potion: Swift Potion, Snecko Oil, Distilled Chaos
- 2 Events, Vampires(?) and Ancient Writings have different choices for the Poker Player.

Banning contents can be turned off in the mod config. (Main menu->Mods->The Poker Player->Config)

Also, if you play this with other content mods, some of them might be unbalanced to play with the Poker Player. However I don't want to fix or ban others' work, so just have fun with them!

I recommend enabling "Display summed up damage in gold" in the settings.

See Also
If you want a character created by me with more traditional play style, try Gatherer.

Special Thanks To
HSymbol, for creating a game called "Trump Battle", which is the motive of this mod.
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118 commenti
AvangionQ 19 gen, ore 11:50 
Please change your avatar away from the Ironclad ... anything that's less distracting will do
SketchSlayer 4 ott 2019, ore 4:45 
When a poker player has a deck of 87 cards... something here is fishy
Never_Die不死 2 ott 2019, ore 3:06 
웅묘 5 set 2019, ore 10:50 
이것이야 말로 갓갓 모드입니다.
Isdariel 18 ago 2019, ore 15:45 
This... works surprisingly well, good job!

5/5 Originality: Truely feels different and unique in a fun way.

3/5 Balance: the character currently is way stronger than the base champions. Suggestion: Nerf clubs damage, as there seems to be no good reason to play diamonds right now anyway if clubs do the same damage but against all enemies.

1/5 Base-game integration: The mod throws away many base mechanics. As such, it's very unique, but often it feels very disconnected. Mainly, it feels weird that weaken/fragile on you or vulnerable on enemies has barely any effect on you. This mod would be even more entertaining (and more intuitive to play) if poker damage&block would be modified by the aforementioned status effects.
celicath  [autore] 14 ago 2019, ore 22:59 
@돌이 이 모드와 필요한 아이템에 있는 모든 모드들(BaseMod, ModTheSpire, StsLib)을 모두 구독하면 자동으로 다운로드 됩니다.
실행할 때는 에 나온대로 "With Mods 플레이"를 눌러 실행하시면 됩니다. 바로가기로 실행하시면 이 창이 뜨지 않을 수 있으니 스팀 클라이언트에서 직접 실행해주세요.
돌이 14 ago 2019, ore 22:32 
혹시 다운로드는 어떻게 하나요? 링크가 따로 없네요
Everybody makes fsteaks 14 ago 2019, ore 7:42 
@celicath Thank you. Very fun mod, thank you for making it!
Romain672 14 ago 2019, ore 3:39 
Hi, thanks for the mod, I really enjoy it, even if the character is just too good for the moment.
Here is some suggestions :
celicath  [autore] 14 ago 2019, ore 3:17 
@Everybody makes fsteaks Yes, you do keep every progress.