ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Support the cause so i can continue to build and work for your enjoyment

ADDED - New lakes on Rapture so water is more plentiful.
ADDED detail and optimization pass on Rapture, Rancor (redwoods island) and Morthal (snow island)
REORG - Assets on Rapture, Rancor and Morthal have been reorganizes in layers for better optimization.
ADDED - new areas to build on Rancor and its smaller islands.
FIXED - Spawn issues on Morthal, Rancor and smaller sub islands.
ADDED - DOZENS of new sounds on Rancor, Rapture and Morthal.

Some call it a natural phenomenon. Others say its the work of the elders. An island suspended in the sky on a planet made of water. But the “island” is actually shattered apart, as if it was torn into pieces by something….larger than the island itself.

Those who have been lucky enough to survive and eventually, rescued call it “Las islas de muchas muertes” or, The islands of many deaths. It's called this because everything on it can kill you, plants, food, and the monsters that inhabit it.

People have gone to it in search of treasures beyond their wildest dreams. Gold, crystal, obsidian and much much more. Left behind by the dwarven race that came before them. None have left with even an ounce of precious material...much less, all their limbs.

Will YOU survive?

Map is 80% complete - Basic layout is done, it's just caves and details now.

I changed the name to another map I was working on ...this maps sister...I did this because I respect and like Bigumms a lot and respect he had his live a day or two ahead of me. So to avoid confusion...the name is now FRACTURED.. :)

It's been in development off and on since Skies of Nazca was released. It was updated after Aberration was released by Wildcard.

I am VERY aware of the bugs and some issues...I’m at the point now where i’m adding detail to areas already built, adding caves and other cool things to “find”.

All 21 islands are now on here. Big, small, fat, thin. ALL here. More may come. Depends on player feedback.

CAVES - have started popping up...keep looking because from now until Jan 1 2019. I’ll be making lots of them. Big, small, interconnected...all will be popping up.

I will be working on this and updating it when i can. I have a fulltime job and family and I do not get paid for this. So please be patient while I work on it. Rest assured it will be worked on.

Find a bug? Log it on the bugs page. PLEASE, be aware that most of the glaring issues I am very aware of. So if i do not respond, it's because I already know and it's in my backlog.

Have a thought? Sadly i can’t take any requests for things to be added at the moment as I am on my own MS schedule and cannot deviate from it...just yet.


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6 ott 2018, ore 3:51
🏰 Fractured Server - All welcome 🌼
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Tabitha 30 ago, ore 17:10 
Just downloaded this today played for a bit on single player. Love the map. Love the fact thats its different from other maps i play on. Great job juggling life. Can't wait for the map to be bug free kinda weird being stuck above the world ceiling not being able to get down but the view was amazing. Can't wait to see the rest of the islands.
Bach Zhaa 26 ago, ore 19:14 
Flawed map. Random teleports everywhere shooting you up to the upper cliffs or above the world ceiling. Glitch? Feature? ..either way, be warned, avoid resource nodes near cliff faces and avoid flying near anything vertical or you and your mounts will be teleported. Its not in a single location as stated in the bug reports, its everywhere there is a vertical cliff face.
marvelguy112 25 ago, ore 20:01 
when i played it there were no stones on the ground at all
Mustang 18 ago, ore 8:06 
Are there any Wyvern or rock drake eggs? If so, can we please have a rock drake saddle?
calismarie 16 ago, ore 11:12 
I am going to use ASM to install this map does someone know I am supposed to type name of Map under the Map Name or Map Mod Path ..and do I need to place the ID number first in the order of mods as well ..? Thank you in advance
vilae1 16 ago, ore 6:45 
I am so pumped to start using the map, Just keep up the incredible work!
calismarie 14 ago, ore 16:58 
congrads on 80% cannot wait to add this map to my server cluster ..amazing and looks dangerous and fun ..
Dragon Killer 20 lug, ore 21:08 
How big is this map compared to Ragnorak and Valguero
calismarie 19 lug, ore 19:33 
Keep up the great work cannot wait to add this map to my little group ..seems like it will have all and so much more that everyone will find new and exciting ..Keep up the good work !!
TheAlchemist  [autore] 8 lug, ore 8:35 
85FG_Wolf sorry i've been MIA. Day job has had me working hard. I'll take a look at it this week and see whats up.