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Raider Faction: Phantoms
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War Of The Chosen, Gameplay
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Raider Faction: Phantoms

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"When we lost my second all those years ago, there were some that took it as a sign that my leadership, our entire strategy of hiding and working from the cold, to try to kick the aliens off our planet, was the wrong method. A hyper aggressive approach, on the other hand..." - Volk

Phantoms are renegade Reaper-trained soldiers that are willing to take all comers on the battlefield, no matter who. As in they fight everybody. As in they target Lost, Aliens, XCOM, Resistance, whatever.

They are made up of randomized squads that start at three man squads, that appear when the Phantom Incursion SITREP appears on a mission.

The Phantom soldiers all share the same basic trait of starting out hidden on missions, and consist of:

Ghosts - the standard grunt type enemy. Ghosts carry Vektor Rifles that can hit hard when they crit. Later tiers learn the ability to relocate after shooting, and can carry grenades.

Marksmen - dedicated snipers carrying...well, sniper rifles. They start off being able to take rough shots with one action (a shot with decreased aim, in other words), and later learn how to snapshot properly, and even being able to set up a killzone.

Hunters - these Phantoms carry boltcasters, and start off with the ability to re-conceal themselves when possible. They later learn how to trigger enemy grenades with a well targeted shot (ie their variant on Fuse), and to take a free action shot with their boltcaster, enabling them to take two shots on their turn, if they're in a good position.

The game froze when it went to the Phantoms turn!
You didn't have the highlander installed. Please install it.

The MacOS/Linux highlander isn't updated to work with this mod yet.
Sorry, can't do anything about it on my end, there's still issues with trying to cook the updated highlander for those systems (it just causes crashes at the moment) .

The mission ended when there were still some of these enemies left?
Unfortunately the nature of how XCOM's backend works means I would need to replace every single mission kismet in order to make them properly count as enemies for the game to track when it comes to mission completion. For now you can assume enemies just retreat once XCOM has eliminated all threats and is able to start focusing on them.

.vhs for making the custom target icon for them.
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27 giu 2018, ore 4:02
Raider Faction Bleed out...
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Rhetorikolas 9 feb, ore 2:17 
Following the comment by @AxFairy It would be great to see Phantom and other raider factions join Xcom in a fight when outnumbered. Or make chance for Skirmishers and other factions randomly appear on map to help assist.
Rtma Eros Paragon 29 dic 2018, ore 8:20 
I'm actually experiencing an issue with using this and cult of Jariah faction, when they take their turns, they're both named 'Phantom Activity' they seem to be on the same team, I assume they're not supposed to be, in the same mission.
AxFairy 28 dic 2018, ore 10:15 
This might be out of the scope of what can be done (or more importantly what you would want to do) but I think it would be interesting if these extra factions were fleshed out to the point where they could replace the ingame factions. For example having a playthrough where you get the skirmishers, phantoms and marauders as the three player friendly factions and the others become raider factions. I remember seeing talk about the three factions and three chosen being difficult to add onto with their implementation system though.

Love your work, thank you for all your time!
RealityMachina  [autore] 9 dic 2018, ore 14:07 
Raider factions take their turn after everybody else has done theirs, so they'll take a normal turn if activated on someone else's turn.
yes_commander 9 dic 2018, ore 1:11 
I just had two of these guys fire on activation. It was a surprise, and I'm curious if that's just normal behavior. The situation is like this: I set up an ambush for an ADVENT pod using one of the 'overwatch ignores concealment' mods. They walk, we fire, phantoms are revealed within five tiles of ADVENT, ADVENT scampers, phantoms scamper. But then the phantoms also got a full turn in which they were able to fire. Then back to XCOM.
arklight179 27 ott 2018, ore 14:48 
I don't know what happened but I did a covet op to get a supply raid and the phantoms and mocx showed up however I killed the three enemy pods on the map, including one mocx pod with one of the mocx escaping. There was three phantoms and killed those at the end but instead of mission ending it still was saying there was another alien pod but after running around the map there was non. Any ideas what is going on with this?
Kwic 23 lug 2018, ore 17:48 
@Yamino : thank you :)
「死の火」 Yamino Takamaru 23 lug 2018, ore 14:21 
@Kwic: IIrc, no, just one per mission. Not 100% sure about that due to not having WotC myself yet, through.
I Darkstar X 23 lug 2018, ore 11:37 
Is there a way to increas ethe frequency of them showing up? Ideally I'd like to increase ALL raider factions and suchlike to almost garunteed.
Kwic 23 lug 2018, ore 10:48 
@Yamino Takamru : then if I install 3 raider faction mod, is it possible to have on the map : Xcom, Alien, and for example 2 different factions ?