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Plentiful Traditions 2.4.1
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Plentiful Traditions 2.4.1

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Welcome to Plentiful Traditions,

it wasn't always easy to implement everything Birdy made for 1.9 into 2.0 and further, but I think I am nearly done so far with 2.4.1.

Works with:


  • 17 new Traditions
  • 4 new Ascension Perks
  • 19 new Buildings
  • New Traits
  • New Jobs
  • New Deposits
  • Reduced costs for Traditions
  • Habitats could be cheaper
  • New Edicts
  • New Starbase Modules
  • Increased Terraforming possibilities
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B4K3D POT4TO 3 ore fa 
bruh i got this thing working and now it doesn't work for 2.3? could you make a patch for 2.3?
Is there a 2.3 patch for this it seems that most of the transitions are broken
I too can actually confirm now that putting the mod very low on the mod list fixes the lack of traditions - which might also relate to that one guy having losses in economy because some other mod overwrote whatever bonuses he got from this one.
Mad_Man_Steve 5 ore fa 
Still looking good here. Don't give up, don't paradox win!!!
wotan1a 7 ore fa 
OK, B4K3D POT4TO is absolutely right, the load order changed so after reordering to make sure PT was below Lots and subscribing/unsubscribing to ensure that changed it loads fine now. I absolutely, completely and totally HATE the new launcher, was a vile piece of garbage. Sorry Paradox but you screwed the pooch on this one big tome.
wotan1a 7 ore fa 
Same problem here, the update gave me the Error message on every tradition field in my current 2.4.1 game which was playing fine before that. I have Lots ES&PT and it was playing with no issues
Stellaris 7 ore fa 
I have it installed but i cant actually select any of the traditions as they have the pink error thing
~~mR.K 8 ore fa 
try disabling my mod that adds extra slots
Bedivere 8 ore fa 
@SI-Abominus I was just thinking the same thing, there is no way to sort mods on the new launcher, and it's messing with mods showing up on the list seemingly at random. Absolutely garbage implementation on the part of PDX. Thanks for working on this, I seem to be ok if I don't revert back to 2.3.3, I will keep testing though.
Watchman 9 ore fa 
@SI-Abominus: Version from paradox site is broken (at least launcher says that).

Version from steam workshop is working, but all ascension perks slots had gone. I can send you screenshot to PM.