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Motorsport Manager

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F1 Manager 2018 - End of Season Update
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11 feb 2018, ore 16:33
1 ott 2018, ore 7:41
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F1 Manager 2018 - End of Season Update

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Full 2018 Season Mod

Features custom liveries, driver portraits, sponsors etc.


- 2018 Formula 1 Season
- 2018 Formula 2 Season
- 2018 GP3 Season
- 2018 Indycar Series
- 2018 Indy Lights Series
- 2018 World Endurance Championship

This end of season update has added 3d models for F2, GP3, Indycar and World Endurance Championship. Additionally, the driver database has been updates as well as sponsors, car default settings and championship rules.

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11 ago, ore 3:54
Something like Non-steam version?
Johny Sidestep
15 set 2018, ore 15:17
CYOT bug?
4 apr, ore 2:55
disable moving background in menu
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Twitchy 28 giu, ore 3:50 
Get this everytime as well :(

"Bug Report
Clicking on some race mechanics in Scouting causes the mod to crash - especially Jamar Long - crashes every single time. Especially annoying as he has really good stats!"
eddiemarkwick  [autore] 17 mag, ore 8:26 
@MaNYaK - You most likely had some problem with mods being active. Check in the steam workshop square on the menu that the mod is still enabled, then reloading a save game should work, but only if the right mod is active
MaNYaK 17 mag, ore 8:01 
I started playing the mod and it was working well. After I quit the game and come back in I saw that team names, driver portraits and the car liveries went back to vanilla. Can anybody help?
VandoorneV 12 apr, ore 2:25 
@lankie Yes If someone has job to drive a vehicle that goes 300 Km/h or faster we call that person ''Pilot'' so its normal you can research.
Niki899 6 apr, ore 19:17 
@Lankie why?
mikkie859 6 apr, ore 2:31 
Please make a mod of 2019!!!!!! All the other mods are Sh!t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lankie 1 apr, ore 23:04 
@niki899 "pilots" lol
Niki899 17 mar, ore 18:27 
mod dont change name of pilots. what need to do?
Ficfic 30 dic 2018, ore 8:44 
Hello, your mod is very good but can you put the real countries and the real cities names to all the tracks please?
ang.john 29 dic 2018, ore 23:54 
Mate, can you make a Mac friendly version?