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Construction Worker Redux
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25 gen 2018, ore 16:54
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Construction Worker Redux

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I'm a fan of mods like OaR Uncut and Citizen's various mods that implement new staff types into the maps. (Not everybody's going to be a scientist logically.)

I felt like the models used could have been a little better, so here's some new replacer models for the construction workers!


Includes the following:

- 6 new NPC models:

- General Maintenance/Gus The Forklift Driver with Injured variant
- Technical Engineering/Alpha Orange Barney with Injured variant
- BONUS Office Worker with improved bodygroups and fixed jeans! ᵃⁿᵈ ᶦⁿʲᵘʳᵉᵈ ᵛᵃʳᶦᵃⁿᵗ

- Bodygroupable helmet (With and without earmuffs!)
- Goggles Bodygroup
- Defaulted citizen animations (No more weird metrocop running)


This mod is available as a resource for other modders to use in their own projects! This mod otherwise makes no changes to the game besides adding new models. I recommend the following mods that add these new staff types as NPCs into the game:

- Construction Workers in Inbound:
- Modification Pack - Office Complex through Blast Pit:
- On a Rail Uncut:

If the models don't show up ingame, try this manual download:

Consult this guide for setting up Black Mesa for manually installing mods:



- Thanks to Ninja Nub for rigging the model and for helping me through the modeling process; I couldn't have gotten as far without him.
- Thanks to Rusty and Citizen for the textures!
- Thanks to Impetous for the original Office Worker model and textures
- Thanks to Valve for the jumpsuit/hard hat meshes ported from L4D.
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138 commenti
Adam I guess 16 feb, ore 2:47 
@Alligatorwithatrumpet It's already there...
car_crunch.mp4 15 feb, ore 16:28 
Can someone Port these to the Gmod workshop? these would be outstanding for RP.
Nedly Dedly 13 feb, ore 10:14 
Looks really good! What about zombie versions?
Yokai 8 feb, ore 19:17 
hi blooper whats the id for this mod so i can mount it thx

Akis_02 6 feb, ore 14:42 
v nice ideas but how about otis?
Admiral Sakai 26 gen, ore 8:37 
Definately making use of this in Pre-Disaster mods. A few suggestions for additional NPCs:

* Cleansuit scientists similar to the Opposing Force model.

* 'Executive' office worker variant with a dark suit jacket, white shirt, and tie (similar to the now defunct 'businessman scientists' mod) since not every office worker is going to be a low-level data entry drone.

* 'Medical' scientist variant in surgical scrubs, with or without lab coat.
Elements 12 gen, ore 23:44 
it wont let me use it in game
Kane 6 dic 2018, ore 12:25 
Blooper Reel  [autore] 3 dic 2018, ore 13:42 
It's been awhile since I've last used hammer but the most easiest way to set them up would be to use a generic_actor; those are strictly for scripted sequences though
Kane 2 dic 2018, ore 5:20 
@Blooper Reel Thank you. Youd did a good job
How can I use them as npc?