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Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands
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Trouble in Terrorist Town ULX Commands

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This addon requires that you have ULX and ULIB installed on your client/server. You can get them here[]

This addon is a joint effort from Bender180 and Skillz to bring you the best ulx commands for ttt possible.

Admin Commands
    Respaning Commands
  • ulx respawn <player> - Respawns target player while un-identifying the corpse and removing it, the command will also check for credits left of the body (if any) and respawn the player with them. has silent echos opposite
  • ulx respawntp <player> - Respawns the target player at the location the admin is looking.

    Role Forcing
  • ulx force <player> <pram> Prams: innocent, traitor detective - Changes target players role to the pram specified and gives the appropriate amount of credits. has silent echos opposite
  • ulx forcenr <player> <pram> Prams: traitor detective, unmark - carries out the action specified in the following round to next round force traitor/detective the group must have permission to ulx force. Echos silently

    AFK Players
  • ulx fspec <player> - forces the target player into the afk mode similar to how the gamemode would.
  • ulx unafk <player> - forces the target player back into player mode (opposite to the afk command.)

  • ulx karma <player> <value> - changes target players karma to the specified value.
  • ulx slaynr <player> <amount> - carries out the set amount of slays at every round start
  • ulx identify/ ulx unidentify<player> - Identifies or identifies a players corpse (Thanks Neku)
  • ulx removebody <player> - Removes a players corpse (Thanks Neku)
  • ulx impairnr <player> <amount> - Impairs a players health by given amount the next round (Thanks Decicus)
  • ulx roundrestart - Restarts the current round.

Fun Commands
  • ulx credits <player> <value> - gives specified value of credits to the target player.

Voting Commands
  • ulx votenrs <player> - Triggers a vote to slay the player the following round.
  • ulx votefs <player> - Triggers a vote to force a player to spectator mode.

And a xgui panel with all ttt cvars

More info can be found on the Ulx forum[] and the TTT forums[]

How to install on a server:

Description last updated on 16/07/14
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16 dic 2017, ore 16:15
How to remove colours in admin chat?
Wynter the Blu Foxx
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OldManYeti 7 gen, ore 16:32 
Fenriswolf11 23 ott 2018, ore 5:46 
How to get the gamemode? Or how to set up a Server??? I dont know how to please help
Alf21 15 apr 2018, ore 3:54 
@Bender can I modify your addon to make it compatible with my TTT2 addon?
Silas 26 mar 2018, ore 12:03 
slaynr Is not working, ulx is not showing this command!
Shibes' 23 feb 2018, ore 20:36 
How do i make it so that people on the server cant see what im doing when I press a button.
Squeaks 23 feb 2018, ore 11:33 
Does anybody know where I can get ulx aslay...? I hate not being able to put a reason with the slaynr, its a pain.
Wheatmeat 4 feb 2018, ore 4:01 
this addon worked yesterday but today it is broken it wont work
H. Gerbo 24 nov 2017, ore 10:38 
what happened to aslay?
Ministrant Wielkiego Kapłana 8 ott 2017, ore 11:14 
how to start this menu ?
Exophobias 28 ago 2017, ore 18:12 
I cant get it to work. It wont even show up on my server. I used the startup command to download this and it dosent work and the server won't load the gma file when I put it in the servers addon!