Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Warrior Bugs
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19 gen 2013, ore 14:06
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Warrior Bugs

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The infestation has begun gentlemen and your target is what we call the warrior bug. The Warrior Bug is the basic grunt of the Arachnid species. They were used on every front by the Arachnid species in all conflicts as the Warrior is able to be reproduced in much larger numbers than other Arachnids and as it is the only Arachnid to be the standard infantry, whilst the other types are more specialized.


Replaces The Common Infected

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266 commenti
MR R 5 mag, ore 15:08 
oh god this is going to be cool
HolyScarab 3 gen, ore 13:47 
The only good Bug is a dead Bug! :boltgun:

Nah I'm actually pro Bug... :ant:
///$-$/// 28 lug 2018, ore 20:12 
Las arañas locas xdd
Brain PanCake 9 lug 2018, ore 15:38 
I would love this mod if the ragdolls weren't going into the ground.
Pearce 9 apr 2018, ore 15:32 
que bueno
A.J. 7 apr 2018, ore 23:46 
Dew IT 27 gen 2018, ore 3:01 
wow nice
bruh 26 dic 2017, ore 11:05 
This mod was made 2013 - 2017 and i still want it.
A_Piece_Of_Bread 8 nov 2017, ore 19:38 
Spiders aren't insects
Double dick nose the third 9 ott 2017, ore 18:44 
aren't spiders arachnids but they are insects too man that confused me for a long time