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Dedicated Server Guide
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How to host and configure your own dedicated server for Capsa :)
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This is a quick start guide to getting your dedicated server up and running with Capsa. To be able to host a dedicated server you will need to be able to forward some ports on your network and have an understanding of how to navigate to mentioned file directories to edit configuration files.
Step 1: Port Forwarding
The first thing you need to do is forward some ports on your network router. Because every router and network device is different I cannot go into depth here about how to do it, however you can visit the following website and they will hopefully have information on your make and model.

The ports you are required to forward are 27014-27015. We currently just use UDP if asked.
Step 2: Optional Configuration
The next step is to optionally configure your server, the server will always run without configuring, but in order to make things easier you should at very least rename it.

To achive this you need to visit:
steamapps\common\Capsa Dedicated Server\Capsa\Saved\Config\WindowsServer

In this folder is a file called game.ini, open this. By default it will be empty, but don't worry about this, here is the full configuration you paste, with default options.

WelcomeMessage=Welcome to Capsa

  • ServerName is where you name your server.
  • MaxPlayers is the maximum number of players that can join.
  • AdminSteamID is where you set the the owner of the server, this is so you and your freinds can easily find it via the freinds tab in-game.
  • FriendsOnly is where you can set the game to be only visible by friends on the server admin steam list.
  • GroupOnly allows you restrict the server to only being visible by members of a certain group.
  • GroupSteamID is the id of the group you wish to set.
  • DayNightCycle, if true the time of day will progress over time, else it will remain static.
  • TimeOfDay is the initial time of day on the server, and will be the time used if timeofday is static.
  • DayLength is the length of the time of day cycle.
  • CountryCode is the ISO 3166-2 country code e.g. GB, DE, CA, US etc. and will add a flag to the server browser for your server.
  • WelcomeMessage is a message in chat when users first join the server.
  • DynamicCloudDensity is whether you want the density of clouds to change.
  • CloudDenisty is the intital or fixed cloud density value.
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Båylån Legåcy™ 26 ott, ore 1:51 
Thank you for putting so much work into every aspect of capsa, even a deti server.. going to try this soon.