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Planting v1.3a (PvP friendly)
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Planting v1.3a (PvP friendly)

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Planting Mod 1.3

Updated version of Planting v1.2f originally created by Yoropatty
Updated by zymex and steven. Old mod

My vision for this mod is keep it as small size and clean as possible able it to be used even on PvP servers for camouflage bases and so. everything in this mod will be optimised to use on PvP servers also, so no OP things.
It is considered a Decor mod, with some extra uses, ill try put in stuff where it fits, Shrooms that glow, bon fire, redwood with snap points and so. but still in mind that it has to be balanced and light.

New to this mod:
Place every where, pickup after placement
More items trees, stones, and other..
Planting bench to sort items and only 1 engram to learn.
Fixed some bugged textures.
Work as direct change from old mod, just delete old id, and put in mine in 1 restart and everything should work still.

this mod should be smallest and lightest out there. making it a good decor mod for PvP servers.

MOD ID 1115844828

Known bugs:
- Order on stones have to be done correct next version)
- Only tribe can pick up things (fixed next version)

Future ideas:
- Bon fire, bigger than normal campfire, more light, more heat
- Cycle models on large stones (mossy, snow, normal)
- plantable Redwood trees with snap points
- More trees, stones, flowers and stuff
- Reducing model size
- Snow theme
- Swamp Theme
- Underwater theme (reef, plants)
- Desert theme (working cactus as defence?)
- Possible use for seeds ?
- More use for planting bench
- Ini options to further balance PvP

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14 dic 2018, ore 6:05
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11 ago 2018, ore 12:03
Spawn codes
20 feb 2018, ore 3:42
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28 commenti
Rickster 11 lug, ore 10:28 
Thanks @Zymex for the great mod. I love the fact that it's so small and light weight. Would love to see more added to it at some point.

Thanks again! :steamhappy:
Zymex  [autore] 26 giu, ore 4:58 
stopped playing ark for a while, i might pick it up again and do some more on it, but for now it is as it was, still a light weight deco mod
Taiatari 11 apr, ore 6:02 
Is this mod still being worked on, or is it discontinued?
XiniX 20 mar, ore 1:59 
here's a peak of what you can make with these mods, .

please like if you enjoyed it.
rovaira2 30 set 2018, ore 20:46 
Can trees be harvested for resources?
Sibby 11 lug 2018, ore 18:44 
Spawn codes for redwoods?
DRACOREX 6 lug 2018, ore 6:25 
Only tribe can pick up things (fixed next version)
Toxedumun 12 apr 2018, ore 3:05 

cheat unlockengram "Blueprint'/Game/Mods/Planting/Workbench/PrimalItemStructure_WorkBench.PrimalItemStructure_WorkBench'"
Metallmetzger 9 apr 2018, ore 11:58 
nice problem the mod is still active i can use the spawn codes but i have no workbench can some one help me please?
Lemmy 16 feb 2018, ore 7:38 
Nice Mod!

Keep up the good work !