NS2: Combat
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co_atcs (98% done)
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26 nov 2017, ore 7:44
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co_atcs (98% done)

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ATCS remake from Tremulous, made from scratch. Planned so far to be a 100% replica, and when the mapping and texturing is done, the map will be properly scaled to size (since the editor works in inches for some silly reason despite the engine using metric system)
Current devations from the original in the map: Front building area as seen in middle and the side skirts of the building decoration (can't be bothered fixing for now), missing lights in the 'donut' rooms, and a few textures are misaligned with some purposely that way for the better look. Lighting uses the same RGB values (recorded using r_lightmap) but does not compensate for the gamma which usually is used in tremulous.
This is the adaption for NS2 Combat, from the remake for NS2.