Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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SCP:CB 0.5 Guard Player & NPC
Type: Model, Addon
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2017. jún. 6., 13:44
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SCP:CB 0.5 Guard Player & NPC

This is a reskin of this addon, MTF is reskined to look like the Guard from SCP:CB version 0.5.
Zombie version here.

•Contains two NPCs, "friendly" and "hostile".
•Player model

Vinrax - porting & rigging.
jQueary - workshop version.
Orgil Pount - creator of original textures.
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aug. 23., 18:24
carrying weapon
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♥The Bread Bringer♠ okt. 6., 2:36 
its a great model, thank for the work
but i have one little request
could you make the helmet a bodygroup and a separate model?
I would also like if you could move the visor.
Mafia_Gold aug. 23., 18:21 
Can fix them when they shoot? I gave them weapons and they start T posing when they see an unfriendly npc and can't shoot. please fix it.
Cade júl. 23., 7:56 
It gos into t pose whenever it shoots
Mama Tattletail ápr. 26., 8:24 
I wonder if you will make the TSG_placeholder_final model?
(Placeholder SCP-096 from 0.6 to 0.6.4)
BRUHMOMENTOS 2018. dec. 29., 19:15 
is too floppy but i like it the old guard.
Scotty From Prank Patrol 2018. okt. 31., 0:13 
Can You Improve The Bones?

-Cheers! Racoon Gaming
Indie 2018. szept. 11., 4:03 
@*_НАЧИТАННЫЙ_* its got the mtf logo because its a reskin of the old mtf unit thats why
Pur0 2018. jún. 19., 10:04 
can you add c_hands
Kameshikarin 2018. ápr. 9., 7:56 
Aucun playermodel....
Verendigar 2017. szept. 6., 7:14 
thx for making this addon