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KingCrimson's Reshade Preset
Készítő: KingChromo
A guide detailing a ReShade preset I made (to my tastes), and how to install it.
Introduction + Screenshots
Made a preset according to my tastes; yours might differ. The screenshots were shot at 1440p. This preset gives an ~2-5 fps hit, though your system might handle it differently (I have a 1080ti). Here are some screenshots that will give you an idea as to how the game will look with the preset:
INSTALLATION(using version 3.07 of ReShade):

1. Download ReShade from and download the preset from (this site has some comparison images)

2. Run the installer, select Nier:Automata as the game and click Direct3D10+.

3. When it prompts you to download the shaders/textures, download them.

4. Save the preset as a .ini file in your game folder.

5. When the game starts, press shift+F2 and select this preset.

NOTE: When you go into the ReShade menu, make sure the path for the shaders and textures are set correctly (\NierAutomata\reshade-shaders\Shaders and \NierAutomata\reshade-shaders\Textures).

How to use ReShade with FAR(after step 4, follow step 5 in the normal installation guide):

1. Uninstall FAR and ReShade for now.

2. Install ReShade, and name dxgi.dll to ReShade64.dll. Rename this presets file to ReShade64.ini

3. Install FAR. dxgi.ini (the one from FAR), copy and paste this into it (This is ALL case-sensitive):

FAR is now fully compatible with reshade.
01/01/18: Changed to reflect that FAR is compatible with Reshade.

07/05/17: Added FAR compatibility guide, and added changelog section.

04/05/17: Guide was created.
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gulinotm 2017. dec. 31., 15:45 
Ah cool thanks for the reply, i figured that was the case
KingChromo  [készítő] 2017. dec. 31., 8:11 
I just checked and FAR is now fully compatible with reshade, so no need for extra steps.
gulinotm 2017. dec. 31., 7:04 
Hey, so where it says to use the dxgi.ini from FAR, FAR doesnt install a dxgi.ini. Has it changed since you posted this?
Rhadz 2017. máj. 18., 18:56 
haha okay... yep i tried using cracked one now. and i was planned to buy it right after i have money... thank you for explanation
DarkNightHawk 2017. máj. 14., 6:37 
@Rhadz Noviant the MGS Alert sfx only plays if the Game entcounters an error or if you use a cracked version of Nier. Even if you use the DRM free version you will encounter this. I have tried every crack and far version and the sound played only about 2 secs before the game crashed. 7 Hours in the game as legit buyer i encounterd 0 crashes and/or MGS Alert sfx. Also worth meanting we can look into your profil and see that there is no nier automata in your game list XD.
KingChromo  [készítő] 2017. máj. 12., 3:58 
@Rhadz Noviant Sorry, but I'm not sure what could be causing that - I don't have experience with such a problem.
Rhadz 2017. máj. 11., 12:31 
hello @kingCrimson, slightly diferent but it got worked. but when in middle playing my far got error (with MGS sfx). after that when i tried to run the game again. the reshade didnt come like last time... did you or anyone else got same problem...

my system
i7 6700
GTX 750 2GB

thank you in advance :)
KingChromo  [készítő] 2017. máj. 11., 1:20 
@darklinkpower when using it with FAR, the naming needs to be exactly the same, otherwise it won't work. The filename part means the name of the reshade dll, so if you have it named differently it'll crash. Without FAR it could be that you renamed the reshade dll and didn't rename it back to dxgi.dll. Otherwise, I can't be too certain without seeing your setup.
darklinkpower 2017. máj. 10., 14:54 
this ReShade looks good, but for some reason, the game is crashing on start. I'm using Reshade 3.0.7 and tried with and without FAR, am I doing something wrong or is it just me?
KingChromo  [készítő] 2017. máj. 10., 3:08 
@Kilmor while inside the Nier:Automata game folder, rename the .txt file you downloaded into ReShade64.ini - Both the naming and the file extension are super important. Once you start up ReShade ingame using shift+F2, select ReShade64.ini, and load all the effects. By this point I'm pretty sure pressing scroll lock will properly toggle the preset on/off.