The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

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Jumper Cables
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2017. jan. 20., 16:13
2017. jan. 20., 17:30
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Jumper Cables

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Scayze & Ashkait's Mod Collection!
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Jumper Cables!

A simple item found in shops, these will give you 1 bar of charge for every 15 enemies you kill. Thats it really. Enjoy!

Sprite bits by Ashkait and Script bits by Scayze.
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Error 52 2017. dec. 23., 9:04 
This item helped me beat the light path mega satan and delirium on one run so thanks
Revalopod 2017. máj. 13., 5:21 
Congratulations on becoming official :Dddd
Flute 2017. máj. 12., 17:36 
congrats on being added to the game:steamhappy:
Vladistad Von Pootistine 2017. márc. 1., 17:05 
I would think a item called jumper cables would steal charge from other active items to fuel your own. like having it would make charge persist between active items. So if you had a uncharged D6 and there was some book that you have no use for, you would pick up the book stealing all the charge it has and then pick up the D6 once again and all the charge from the book would be crossed over into the D6.
Poland Peters 2017. jan. 27., 9:11 
This is very nice item. This should be add to the game this month.
Generic_Moron 2017. jan. 25., 10:22 
You know, this reminds me of the time I joined Computer Science club without my dads permission. He was so furious that he started beating me with a set of jumper cables
Huángguā 2017. jan. 24., 12:02 
Confused Rock 2017. jan. 24., 12:00 
rip /u/rogersimon10
Rafekky 2017. jan. 24., 4:51 
This will be really good with enemies that spawn other enemies (and some bombs to exit and reenter the room! Portals will be finally good for something!
Ttron4 2017. jan. 23., 22:54 
rlly good