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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Platforms Anywhere (Open Source)
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Platforms Anywhere (Open Source)

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(No license, use as wanted, with or without attribution)

Constructs 30 different structures that will support a tree platform for those times you want a raised base but don't want it in the trees. Can also be used for decorative purposes.

New Structure:
Platform Builder (crafted in inventory)

1.) Craft and place the platform builder

2.) Inside the platform builder there are engrams for all of the different platform support, once you craft one it will be consumed by the builder and it will start the construction. Once construction is complete, you can place your platform.

Note: you can place vanilla tree platforms on these structures or the platforms from my Platforms Plus mod(these will work better since the models have been redone)

Configuration Options

Mod ID: 779897534

Link to Spawn Codes

My Mods:

Structures Plus - Complete building overhaul.
Platforms Plus - Tree platforms with snap points and wedge pieces for multi-level construction.
Redwoods Anywhere - Grow redwoods that support tree platforms anywhere.
Snappy Saddles - Saddle platform extensions with snap points and ability to increase build distance and structure limit.
Super Spyglass - If a spyglass had a baby with a magnifying glass...
Earthquake Tweaker - Stops earthquakes from moving you around(or makes them more powerful... you choose)
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Move platform?
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Amanda 18 órája 
Its very hard to judge where the platforms are during placement as you cant see the structure. Nor can you delete or pick up the structures. Please fix and it will be a really good mod to use.
Lone Digger ápr. 1., 13:31 
It is possible to add a feature? customisable height, expressed in floors, to better adjust with other structures, and maybe also customisable radius...
anyway, is a good mod.
orionsun  [készítő] febr. 25., 2:04 
Source link added to top of description.
Red-Zero jan. 31., 13:28 
Is there any way to destroy or remove a platform support you just placed?
BigBlueRaptor jan. 1., 10:39 
So might seem like a dumb question, but is there anyway to shrink some of these so they aren't huge?

Gorgeous work and LOVE your mods <3
Smokvist 2018. nov. 24., 13:06 
Hey. i just placed a pillar, but for some reason i cant put a platform on it? any advice?
SkyNamiX_ 2018. szept. 29., 8:01 
how i can remove it?
Kaijor 2018. szept. 11., 16:10 
Hi there, I'm having difficulty removing the diamond platform. Does anyone know how I would remove it? I've tried admin codes, but it doesn't seem to work.
Cataclysmm 2018. júl. 16., 21:50 
My Aerie in Scorched in progress at last..
QueenNuts 2018. jún. 3., 17:16 
base is way to big. Pillars are nice.