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Sid Meier's Civilization V

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DMS' Civilizations - Epirus (Pyrrhus)
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2016. jún. 29., 17:02
2018. nov. 20., 14:42
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DMS' Civilizations - Epirus (Pyrrhus)

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DMS' Civilizations
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This mod adds the Kingdom of Epirus led by Pyrrhus to Sid Meier's Civilization V.
For full support, please see the Civfanatics Homepage[].

For more Greek Civilizations, check out More Civilizations' Greek Civilizations Split and my Syracuse Civilization!


Brave New World is required.


1) Select Subscribe above
2) Start up Sid Meier's Civilization V
3) Enter the Mods submenu
4) Enable the mod by pressing the circle to the right of this mod's name
5) Click next and start a game


1) For Direct Download press somewhere on the above infographic
3) Press Download and wait for the file to finish downloading
2) Use your favorite compression/extraction software (7Zip, WinRar, etc.) to the file's content to your Mods folder
3) Start up Sid Meier's Civilization V
4) Enter the Mods submenu
5) Enable the mod by pressing the circle to the right of this mod's name
6) Click next and start a game
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16 megjegyzés
DMS  [készítő] 2017. júl. 24., 8:57 
All good ;)

Also, just realised, it's close to a year since these guys were released already.
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou 2017. júl. 23., 20:32 
@DMS That's what I was talking about, yes. Goddamn barbarian elephants were so frustrating to deal against and I'm glad you've patched them away.
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou 2017. júl. 22., 20:24 
Thank god the Ptolemaioi Elephantes are removed this patch. Those things were so awful I had to turn Epeiros off.
DMS  [készítő] 2016. júl. 13., 1:57 
Updated to take care of the issues registered to the UA mounted unit cost and better support for EE. Also, the Ptolemaic elephant doesn't require horses and upgrades to pikeman instead of crossbowman.
Aponez 2016. júl. 5., 11:39 
Does the elephant has the same resource needs as the chariot archer? ¿Or maybe you can make it without horses as Indian War Elephant?
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou 2016. júl. 3., 17:51 
Never mind, it's in the picture
Mathetes tou Megalou Alexandrou 2016. júl. 3., 17:48 
I'm really tempted to try him out with my Dodone Wonder from my own Greek and Korean Wonder Pack, since the Dodone's faith bonus would synergize well with his UA. However, does the UA bonus apply locally or globally (i.e. city only receiving bonus from its own faith output vs city receiving the bonus based on the empire's total faith)
DMS  [készítő] 2016. júl. 3., 11:56 
Maybe historically that would fit, but gameplay wise stuff like that has been several times before and isn't really very innovation. At least, IMO.
Ballsey 2016. júl. 3., 10:58 
Phyyric victory should have a UA for if units win a battle and have 20% health left it should get like a extra culture or faith bonus
Jason 2016. júl. 2., 14:52 
Woo Epirus the fool of hope!