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Better Spoiled Time
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Better Spoiled Time

Mod ID: 643628245

This mod gives you spoil a better time to Items.
Here you have a list as quickly spoils what if you these
Mod have installed. So it plays a little easier and more realistic.

Meat (raw) = 3 days
Prime meat (raw) = 3 days
Cooked meat = 8 days
Berries = 6 days
Veggies = 15 Minutes
Spoiled Meat = 30 days
Blood Pack = No spoilage
Food = 30 days
Insect ointment = No spoilage
Pickled vegetables and fruits, 70 days (New engrams to learn)

Salt = 1 x Crystal and 1 x Spark Powder (Will be located in a mortar, results in 10 salt)
Vinegar = 10 x berries (Will be located in a mortar, resulting vinegar 1)

For preserved of vegetables and their fruits introduced:
1 x Water
1 x Vinegar
1 x The item which you want to insert

For meat, Organic Polymer, insect ointment and blood packs her introduced only
1 x Water
1 x salt

The whole then in Steam Boiler and you're done.
All pickled stuff can be used quite normally.

For Juice you need Berrys for a Juice needs 20 Berrys.
You can use all berrys for different juices.

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Bug Reporting
Age Of Darkness
2016. márc. 13., 14:45
Server with the Mod
Age Of Darkness
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Old Time Films 2017. dec. 26., 15:57 
You know that Bingleberries are unobtainable. :steamfacepalm: So you should give me the command to obtain some or change the needed item.
Vortex 2017. ápr. 15., 5:01 
Thanks, I will delete it.
Age Of Darkness  [készítő] 2017. ápr. 15., 4:59 
This mod is very old and i don't work on this mod. In the time is possible the spoling from items to config in the server setting files.
Vortex 2017. ápr. 15., 3:29 
Hi Age of Darkness. This mod is now broken. Steam boiler doesn't work anymore. First use is fine. Afterwards, it just go off/on and uses up all the gasoline
herman925 2017. febr. 4., 8:03 
Not working for meats, I guess
herman925 2017. febr. 4., 8:03 
Seems like that it doesn't work on raw meat anymore?
メ不夜天 2017. jan. 14., 9:09 
this mod do work well with stacks mod?
Age Of Darkness  [készítő] 2017. jan. 8., 5:16 
it works by every creature
Nikundi 2017. jan. 7., 20:59 
Does the Juice of Taming work for Tusoteuthis (Giant Squid)?
Age Of Darkness  [készítő] 2016. dec. 19., 12:27 
so i can't help you with the problem add me on steam and we talk about the chat function about your problem