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Army of Five mod v1.3c
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2016. febr. 29., 7:45
2017. szept. 25., 10:43
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Army of Five mod v1.3c

Army of Five is an overhaul of Checkpoint Coop mode where up to 5 players fight numerous AI enemies. It features distinct player classes with unique playstyles, new enemy types, fast-paced gameplay, custom maps support, and much more.

Player classes
Each class has new weapons and/or abilities that make them almost overpowered!
Breacher: fully-auto shotgun for CQC superiority.
Rifleman: two assault rifles and temporary godmode ability.
Scavenger: high speed, thick armor, machete and flashbangs.
Marksman: extremely precise, one-hit-kill battle rifle.
Grenadier: M79 grenade launcher and a powerful revolver.

Most bots have regular armor and weapons. But there are also “Heavies” - slow and extremely armored bots wielding M249 machineguns. Each player class has their own ways of dealing with them. Beware of the sneaky shotgunner bots too!

Other features
- 28 supported high-quality maps, stock and custom ones;
- More meaningful and significant difficulty levels;
- Fast-paced gameplay that rewards skill much more than luck;
- Revised, intense, and challenging finales;
- Numerous other improvements and adjustments.

1. Subscribe to this item.
2. (Re)start the game.
3. Click Cooperative -> Army of Five -> select a server to play on!
4. Optionally subscribe to the supported custom maps, or download them automatically in-game.
Solo mode is not supported, please play online!
Check our FAQ if you’re experiencing problems.

Creating an Army of Five server is fairly easy but simply subscribing to this item is not enough. Please follow our guide to download the required files and properly configure your server.

Army of Five Steam Group
Join our steam group to become a part of the growing Army of Five community!

Design concept, custom theater, server plugin: Rushin' Russian
Custom weapon/character models, art, trailer: Abhorrent Anger
Special thanks to: u-duq, ubilada, Budget Wolverine, Wassersäufer, Paaatreeeck, Zesty.
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2017. aug. 26., 1:27
KIEMELVE: Troubleshooting FAQ, known problems, and bug reports
Rushin' Russian
2017. okt. 22., 11:18
KIEMELVE: Hosting an Army of Five server - guide (config etc)
Rushin' Russian
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Avianite máj. 12., 7:49 
Ohhhh makes sense. Thx for the info!
Rushin' Russian  [készítő] máj. 12., 1:27 
I'm afraid they kept releasing updates which kept breaking the mod pretty bad, and at some point I admit I gave up figuring out and fixing all this stuff. It was painful to do and it was a massive waste of my time. I mean, I can't blame the devs, they were improving the game itself but it was destroying the mod over and over again. I might consider going back and making sure that it's still playable these days but I have other things to attend to right now. I appreciate your interest in the mod, though.
Avianite máj. 11., 12:54 
Ok so I tried it out. Not sure if the mod is broken, cause I joined a server, came to the loudout screen, selected my class, and when i clicked apply, the game just froze. Couldn't even quit the game, so I had to force restart my computer. Tried a different server, and the same thing happened. Any fix?
Avianite máj. 11., 12:42 
This looks pretty intense. Just need to know if people constantly come back to this before I subscribe to this
Avianite máj. 11., 12:41 
Are servers still populated?
sanpaola ápr. 11., 15:36 
This mod is AWESOME, much wow, many thanks.
Is there any way to adjust ammo? Too much ammo, for my taste.
Anonymous márc. 25., 22:02 
Solo mode is not supported
KingReux 2018. júl. 21., 22:09 
What is the keybind for Rifleman's Godmode?
staryoshi06 2018. máj. 25., 2:18 
Will you consider remaking this for sandstorm? apologies if this has been asked before.
TheFatDaddy 2018. máj. 5., 11:15 
Appreciate it Rushin!