Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

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Super ****Bear
Type: Gamemode, Addon
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2016. febr. 20., 5:15
2018. aug. 31., 4:27
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Super ****Bear

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Super ****Bear Gamemode Collection
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By default you're playing as a hiding which need to escape from the ****Bear(s)
The ****Bears are automatically chosen by the gamemode and it should be fair enough so everyone can play as a ****Bear!

Please note that this is an unfinished gamemode! Expect missing features!

We won't respond to comments
Support is only given on the Xperidia Discord server:

The public addon was banned and I don't know why... So the gamemode is now hosted here like it was before. With some censoring because I can't know what was wrong, because it's part of Valve's policy. In doubt I've made some changes just to be sure and I swear if this get banned again... Pedo Bear.

Recommended addons

  • Super ****Bears!
  • More ****Bears will spawn when there is more players!
  • Can be played on any map! (Best with PropHunt or dedicated Super****Bear (spb_) maps)
  • Power-UPs!
  • Stamina for the hiding!
  • As a hiding you can use the playermodel you want!
  • Third person mode!
  • Spectator mode!
  • Welding system for the hiding!
  • Taunt system!
  • Music player/Jukebox!
  • [Advanced users or server owner] There is cvars too!
  • [For map makers] The gamemode got some entities that you can use, check out the FGD:

  • [Hiding] Clones: Put a clone of yourself to bait the ****Bears or hide it somewhere and respawn on it!
  • [Hiding] Boost: Give you 200% stamina!
  • [Hiding] Prop disguise: WIP
  • [****Bear] Hiding disguise: WIP
  • [****Bear] Radar: Make halos on all hiding for a limited time!
  • [****Bear] False Power-UP: It's a trap!

  • VictorienXP: The gamemode
  • Wubsy: spb_school, gamemode logos and ****Van art
  • Pho3: Power-UPs icons, Xperidia's website design and logos
  • Zino2201: spb_tutorial
  • SuperOllieWorld: Initial gamemode idea
  • Kuristaja?: ****Bear Playermodel

If you got ideas, stuff that you want, question or anything, join the Discord:
The gamemode is on GitHub[]

Join the Xperidia Steam group - Join us on Discord[]
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5 megjegyzés
O RLY ?! 2018. dec. 21., 11:55 
Freddy из Fnafb 2018. dec. 4., 6:39 
how much players need to start pedobear pls say
VictorienXP  [készítő] 2018. ápr. 13., 3:54 
I won't respond to comments.
Support is only provided via Discord:
Blitz 2017. dec. 26., 17:03 
I subscribed but the mod is not activated, when loading the map.
SoundBagel 2017. dec. 13., 9:38 
pedo isnt a bad word. its being one thats bad.