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Five Nights at Pinkie's: Sugar Cube Corner
Type: Map, Addon
Tags: Fun, Realism
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2015. okt. 26., 21:10
márc. 29., 13:18
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Five Nights at Pinkie's: Sugar Cube Corner

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Five Nights at Pinkie's
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Welcome to the Sugar Cube Corner Replica, the first Five Nights At Pinkie's map available on the workshop.

Map Features:
  • Office with working camera/monitor/securitytablet
  • Fully Working Animatronics
  • The Mane 6 as Animatronics
  • Power Switch for start the night
  • Cute and creepy ambiance
  • Ponies who want to kill you (Isn't that cute?)
  • Map + lua codes for the best experience (FNAPGM)
  • The most advanced Five Nights At "What You Want" map ever made
  • Every sound customized for pony (or almost)
  • Windows Scare / Warning sound
  • 6 Nights of pure pain (More the 2 last)
  • Brought you friends on your server and try the survive
  • You don't need Counter Strike: Source!
  • If you are curious, there is some hidden easter egg !

Be sure to read the following tutorial for see how to setup the map + gamemode :

  • Subscribe to this addon.
  • Subscribe to FNAPGM.
  • Subscribe to FNAFGM.
  • Download the font[] and extract the folder in garrysmod\addons

  • Select Five Nights at Pinkie's

  • Select the map or gm_construct/gm_flatgrass if your PC can't handle a direct loading of the maps.

  • Enjoy!
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153 megjegyzés
Obsidian febr. 26., 13:53 
There are no Animatronics in the game. Just nothing but the Map. Is it broken?
Star Platinum jan. 9., 15:49 
how to play for animatronics?
jess 2019. nov. 17., 15:35 
oh no whats the code lol
Ingen søvn 2019. aug. 14., 14:24 
Simea 2019. febr. 15., 23:07 
The Amazing spyropyro1 2018. dec. 24., 14:42 
kill it with fire
Lucoa Quetzalcoatl 2018. jún. 11., 8:55 
Can you people stop calling this cringe? Its Not as bad as Phyco girl Minecraft videos NOW THOSE ARE PURE CANCER.
Meow Meow 2018. máj. 28., 3:04 
can u make a new map like fnaf 3?
Mell~ProxFire 2017. dec. 21., 15:54 
Just downloaded all the maps and the gamemodes, Freind and I both loaded the gamemode then hosted, I connected. Map is pretty spoopy looking and atmosphere is great but... Theres no Aminatronics? I don't think I did anything wrong.. We really want to play this game mode. Any help would be nice. Thank you for your time.
Latios The Pegasus 2017. dec. 17., 7:45 
@TyrannoWright, do the same
@-Scou1-, that sucks
@Funtime Freddy, Nah, you can go kys