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Tropical Beach Resort
Assets: Park
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2015. szept. 14., 14:47
2015. szept. 29., 1:02
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Tropical Beach Resort

Tropical Beach Resort by bennymedia

(Updated V 1.2, ready for After Dark)

Tropical Beach Resort
Park Info:13x10 plots

Construction cost: 5500
Maintenance cost 160
Electricity consumption:0
Garbage: 1
Water Consum/Sewage: 1/1
Tourists High/Med/Low: 110/130/150
Entertainment: 450
Entertainment Radius: 650
Incl. discription, preview and tooltip thumbs
1024x1024 texture map, 700 Tris, LOD

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Many thanks and enjoy the assets.

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Agamemnus 2018. márc. 31., 9:18 
Circular required items. This needs a Thatched Hut, which needs a Beach Resort... 2016. okt. 1., 8:03 
Looks good, should be a hotel though. Can you upload a RICO version for leisure? :)
Pleb-47 2016. jan. 24., 22:28 
Do citizens actaully use this and sit in chairs and all that? Because I haven't seen anyone in it, and when I place one, it comes up with the icon that says I haven't connected a road to it, so I put a road in front of it and the icon fades away, so definetly connected, but still no people. Glitch or the citizens don't like it?
cl3dwards 2015. dec. 18., 18:47 
Best beach plot I have ... looks awesome on my beach. Would love to be there in person right now! :)
MomoTimbuktu (Louis) 2015. nov. 4., 14:46 
Looks nice on the pictures and ingame. But: No visitors. A problem which seems to affect just a few of the assets of the workshop - mostly park or unique building. Great pity
Jones 27 2015. nov. 4., 5:57 
CJ 2015. okt. 23., 15:07 
Oh got it just along front not connect to it
CJ 2015. okt. 23., 15:04 
Where do I connect a road?
AddictivePenguin 2015. szept. 20., 10:53 
omg xD sorry, didn't know :P So, you mean that it is free-plop? Great
bennymedia  [készítő] 2015. szept. 20., 10:49 
@AddictivePenguin - This is ploppable, it is used as a park.