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Pirate's Life
Platforms: PC
Languages: English, German
Players: Single-player
2015. jan. 11., 9:23
2016. jan. 26., 19:48

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Megjelenés dátuma: Early 2015
Pirate's Life is a 2D strategy game / city builder with an isometric camera where you take on the role of the captain of a crew of pirates that got shipwrecked on a deserted island. You will need to take care of your crews' individual needs (like hunger and drunkeness) in order to prevent a mutiny.

At first you start with a basic set of buildings but during the game you will be able to unlock higher tier buildings and new resources which you need to satisfy the needs of the experienced pirates. The better a crew member gets, the more needs he will have.

As you progress, you will also be able to build ships for your own fleet and send out raid parties to other settlements or trade routes in order to steal desperately needed resources or "recruit" new crew members which you can put to work. But every raid will increase your wanted level. Eventually the Royal Navy will start searching for your hideout to stop you from doing more mischief.

Do you have what it takes to lead your settlement from a small fishing village to an infamous pirate haven?

- 3 different technology levels
- 18 different buildings
- 24 different resources

Game modes:
- Standard (Collect as much gold as possible before the Royal Navy finds your hideout)
- Endless (Play as long as you like, you can still become victim of a mutiny)
- Custom (Select from a range of different goals)

You can contact us either via our facebook page or by e-mail: eyepatch.contact@gmail.com
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2015. jan. 14., 13:17
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126 megjegyzés
Charon 2017. jan. 22., 4:10 
Игра так себе...
Käsus 2015. ápr. 30., 3:49 
Hey, cool das ihr es geschafft habt! Hab das Spiel bei euch am Open Campus Day der Games Academy in Frankfurt angezockt und freut mich, dass ihr jetzt Greenlit seid! :)
76561197973106123 2015. márc. 30., 6:01 
Seems to me that a sober pirate is a productive pirate!

Build a whole emire for and your fellow pirates and afterwards you get all drunk.


There should be a Rum-Meter so you can see when you can get shitfaced, while your empire shrinks, but you get bonusses for beeing risky or something that way.

Could be a good idea...

Keep on going Games Academy!
and have fun whilst that project!

Yawn 2015. márc. 19., 12:59 
is the disneys pirates of the carribean quote really neccessary?
Kolljak 2015. márc. 8., 16:24 
Carful disney might sue you for using dep's line.
KingBobCat 2015. febr. 28., 13:07 
+1 Looks really fun! :)
Beto [GameTame.com] BitSkins.com 2015. febr. 26., 4:06 
Athaxas 2015. febr. 25., 7:04 
Ein guter anfang. Wenn ihr im zweiten Teil die Grafik noch ein wenig hübscher macht kaufe ich mir das auch noch ;)
Dwayne1988 2015. febr. 20., 20:43 
Erinnert an das alte Tropico 2 und wird schön mal wieder was neues in der richtung zu bekommen ;)
gibi11ct 2015. febr. 18., 21:24