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Stephen Wright's Music Mod(MEIOU And Taxes OST)
45.849 MB
2014. nov. 4., 23:12
2017. júl. 13., 9:57
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Stephen Wright's Music Mod(MEIOU And Taxes OST)


Compatible with EUIV 1.22.*.*
Now compatible with other music mods
My goal: to create the most high quality listening experience possible with professional level instruments involving music and themes that fit the feel of the game, wherever your journeys may take you.
General Soundtrack(Uncategorized)
The Sun Never Sets(menu theme) -
Cantabile -
Age of Exploration -
Ave Maria -
Songs of War(Battle)
The Siege of Vienna -
Wrath of the Northmen -
Charge of the Hussars -
Tamerlane -
Last March of the Crusaders -
Nation Under Siege -
Danger -
Songs of Peace(Ambiance and Tranquility)
Hymn For Constantinople(Kyrie Eleison) -
The King is Dead(Funeral Hymn) -
Peace of Augsburg -
Hunting Trip
Greensleeves -
Mistress Winter's Jump -
It's Okay to be Afraid -
In the Shadow of Time -
Blessed is the Man(Hymn) -
New Lands, New Beginnings -
Voices of Byzantium(Custom Recorded Orthodox Hymns)
Great Litany -
Agni Parthene -
Cherubic Hymn -
Holy God -
Mercy of Peace -
It is Truly Meet -
The Far East(East Asia, the Steppes, Southeast Asia)
Tamerlane Goes East -
Cherry Blossoms -
High Mountain and Flowing Water -
Gazing at the South River -
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Enthusiastically Wrong  [készítő] 2017. dec. 9., 15:10 
No need to rename anything there, just extract the .rar file directly into your mod folder and it'll work automatically :)
Manual mod installations work differently from Steam mod installation in that way.
tørfisk 2017. dec. 9., 6:39 
the .mod file and .rar file are named differently in the dropbox download (.mod is swmm.mod)

should i rename anything?

schiekirka 2017. nov. 24., 0:16 
hey, will you upgrate ist for 1.23?
Enthusiastically Wrong  [készítő] 2017. okt. 2., 16:27 
Fair enough lol. I hope you enjoy the mod! I've been busy with school but I'd love to write more music for it in the future.
wildbillhdmax01 2017. okt. 2., 16:26 
Already went in and edited the file. lol :D
Enthusiastically Wrong  [készítő] 2017. okt. 2., 16:25 
Ignore the fact that the version is out of date - the music doesn't interact with any other aspects of the code and is highly modular. It should work even if set to version 1.0.
wildbillhdmax01 2017. okt. 2., 16:21 
Will do.
Enthusiastically Wrong  [készítő] 2017. okt. 2., 16:00 
Try the Dropbox version.
It should definitely work with vanilla, as I use it when I play and I do not play M&T myself.
wildbillhdmax01 2017. okt. 2., 15:58 
Yea I can't get this mod to work. I'm not playing with MEIOU, is that the problem? Can I use this with vanilla?
Enthusiastically Wrong  [készítő] 2017. szept. 21., 11:34 
I've been able to kind of narrow down some of the issues that some people have been having with the mod.
Seems that for some people the Steam release doesn't work but the dropbox link on the Paradox forums does. Tonight I plan on going through and making sure the Dropbox link is actually up to date and then I'll post it here for anyone who can't get the Steam version to work.