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TTT - !GetTraitor chat command
Type: Gamemode, Addon
Címkék: Misc
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2014. júl. 20., 19:15
2014. júl. 21., 8:09
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TTT - !GetTraitor chat command

Something simple I whipped up in 15 minutes but it might be useful.

Dead as an Innocent again and want to know who the other Traitors are? Or are you just too lazy to press F8 (if your server has damage logs) and find out who the Traitors are yourself? Just type !gettraitor or !gettraitors in the chat box and find out! The command is silent so nobody else knows that you used the command. You can ONLY use this command if you are dead or a spectator.


** This is a serverside addon only, you cannot install it and cheat to find the traitors. **
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MidKnight 2015. júl. 21., 15:52 
This'd be used for ghosting...
Good Cop Potata World Police 2015. jan. 2., 18:20 
If he doesent be a dick how else will he spend his weekends?
Exho  [készítő] 2014. aug. 9., 20:03 
No need to be a dick :/
Exho  [készítő] 2014. aug. 9., 20:01 
Well aren't you just a bundle of kindness! Does someone need a hug?
waterballoon tv 2014. aug. 9., 18:27 
rcon and superadmin commands for abusive admins.
now stop making shit like this/
hmu 2014. júl. 26., 16:51 
now we need it client side >:)
ShadowLite 2014. júl. 26., 2:06 
DEF4LT 2014. júl. 25., 20:29 
what exho said XD
Exho  [készítő] 2014. júl. 24., 16:31 
At the bottom of the description it says, so no... This is not a hack, its a tool for servers
Phantom 2014. júl. 24., 15:32 
can it be used on a random ttt server??