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Smoking Simulator
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
2014. júl. 10., 13:09
2014. nov. 24., 8:12
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Slight Delay....
Megjelenés dátuma: Early 2015
Ever get stressed at work? Life too much of a hassle? Well just puff up with this game and I guarantee you'll have a great time! Live out your wildest smoking dreams in
Smoking Simulator!

Smoking Simulator tasks you with surviving a stressful day at work armed with only a handful of cigarettes.
Be prepared to deal with:
  • Annoying co-workers
  • Angry bosses
  • Whining house-wives
  • And a whole slew of other unforeseen events that would put anyone into a state of RAGE!

To cope with the stress, you will need to find cigarettes littered throughout the office and find the most opportune time to sneak a quick smoke break, while still managing your everyday work activities. Sound easy? Think again! This may end up being the hardest day of work you'll ever experience... that is... if you can actually make it through the entire day!

Visit our official site to not only gather more info about our game, but DOWNLOAD THE DEMO now for free!
Just check out: http://smokingsimulator.com/

Smoking causes Lung Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema, Complications During Pregnancy, and a whole Crap-Load of other Bad things! You don't even look that cool doing it! So why don't you take this tip from your friendly neighborhood game developers and stop smoking in real life.... just do it virtually!

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2015. márc. 13., 13:26
Our view on Smoking....
2015. máj. 10., 3:17
Any possibility to add WEED?
2014. szept. 18., 4:34
"Simulator" as a dirty word...
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