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Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
2014. ápr. 23., 6:43
2015. márc. 29., 13:55
Megjelenés dátuma: 2016
A collection of deep space miners discover a faint distress signal while harvesting minerals from an asteroid belt in the farthest reaches of the solar system. They discover that a robotic alien race has infected and taken over their central home world and have been using the planet's core energy as fuel for a rapid expansion that is taking over the rest of the solar system. In this hybrid Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game, you command a limited crew of miners who must use their knowledge of mineral extraction to construct make-shift weaponry and ultimately battle their way from planet to planet in order to defeat the alien race.

Current Progress & State
Hextraction is currently in a phase of re-design. We gained significant feedback from running this Greenlight campaign, as well as from various blog / Reddit posts, and have identified the areas where our initial concept & design were weak. We'll be using this feedback to help drive a new design and will begin alpha prototyping very soon. We expect to have a major update towards the end of 2015. Thank you all for the support, we never though we'd get accepted into Greenlight and are excited to get this game developed!

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ComboMash  [készítő] 2015. márc. 29., 13:58 
Thanks for all the feedback everyone! We're currently in a phase or re-designing this game concept. There were several areas where critiques have shown our prototype/concept was weak and we're working hard to improve and refine these in preparation for moving into a full production prototype. Our experience running this Greenlight campaign has been incredibly valuable and we appreciate all of the feedback. You should expect to see a significant update towards the end of 2015 (long time I know, but these things take time). Thanks for the support! :)
stan 2014. okt. 6., 9:45 
There’s no platforms list.
Leafnie 2014. szept. 27., 19:45 
Ive seen MUCH better strategy games. I would only play this if it was free and probably not for very long.
Havana 2014. szept. 15., 10:19 
Not that much
MaRkV 2014. szept. 12., 14:09 
I think this has to be a YES vote!
Mr.Waffles™ 2014. szept. 4., 17:51 
Great! voted! :D
catmelonhat 2014. szept. 3., 5:06 
:bang: like&vote! gimme one this :profgenki:
marymelonhat 2014. szept. 3., 4:43 
<3 gimme this one :<
Zerozy 2014. szept. 1., 7:39 
looks great!
read before get scamed 2014. aug. 30., 16:26 
not interested sorry