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Midnight arises from the deep waters of underworld on friday the 13th!

Capture The Gallows of Sorrow, Despair, Agony, Misery and Pain to free the hanged souls! Fetch some spells through well portals on midnight! Battle each others in the underworld, or against a common foe untill gates open...

Map has:
- 5 Gallows (Control points) to hang for
- Wandering Ghosts
- Spooky eyes watching you
- Underworld loot island
- Wells that lead to underworld loot island
- Spellbooks
- Underworld battle area
- Lots more!

You can run this map by subscribing it and typing to console: map workshop/1861668959

You can also join this server and play it live! Type in console: connect or search community servers running cp_stranded_event_rc7

Original map designed by ICS
Halloween version by ICS & Hakk1tus
Custom Models by Hakk1tus
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KIEMELVE: Post your ideas, bugs, feedback here!
szept. 15., 11:46
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ICS  [készítő] okt. 31., 15:05 
The big update i was talking about, is now out. Lots of visual changes and also some area changes. Out soon as it gets approved by Steam Moderator Staff. Thanks. Happy Halloween!
ICS  [készítő] okt. 15., 11:20 
So, even though this map didnt end up into Scream Fortress 2019, there's still update in the works. However, it might be that I will take time and finish this up in good time. Thanks for everyone for your support! Check out my future maps... ;)
ICS  [készítő] okt. 12., 15:35 
Many thanks!
-WET- Emperor Prince okt. 12., 15:28 
love your work ICS keep it up.
ICS  [készítő] okt. 10., 12:11 
Thanks for everyone who voted on this but sadly we didnt get into the update.
whoopent okt. 6., 15:03 
thank u for the update
ICS  [készítő] okt. 6., 14:23 
For finishing another update? Thanks!

So anyway, been working through weekend with another update to the map. Mainly fixing visual issues and problems related to bugs and such. Now more ready than ever. Out as soon as Steam Moderators approve it.

Now i gotta go to sleep, morning shift tomorrow at work. ->
whoopent okt. 5., 11:42 
ICS  [készítő] okt. 5., 11:08 
Update is out as soon as Steam Moderators approve it. Fixes and improvements as a whole. Thanks.
ICS  [készítő] okt. 4., 4:34 
Thanks. The video at this point almost a month later is a bit outdated by imagery as are the screenshots too. I should take some new ones during weekend to update the situation.