Transport Fever

Transport Fever

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Setra S 431 DT Euro V
Scenario: Europe
Vehicle: Bus
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aug. 19., 23:49
aug. 20., 8:44
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Setra S 431 DT Euro V

The S 431 DT, with its two levels, is not only passenger-friendly, but also exceptionally efficient and variable with up to 87 seats in a full 3-star version with a WC and optional on-board kitchen.

In-game livery included :
1. Flixbus
2. Meinfernbus Flixbus.
3. Ouibus.
4. IC Bus.
5. IC Bus Kooperation Mit SBB CFF FFS.

Vehicle specification is in the screenshot.

Feel free to repaint it and publish it in Steam workshop only (give me credit). Publishing outside Steam workshop is not permitted.

PS : I'm sorry for my old mod theres will be no update anymore because I lost the data in my bad sector external hardisk.

I really appreciate and thankful for any amount of donation
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Giga_Plays aug. 26., 8:21 
I waited so long for this! Thank you so much!!!!
Iskander-M  [készítő] aug. 21., 6:11 
Thanks Bilal ! TrainsOf2019 available from 2013
TrainsOf2019 aug. 21., 2:26 
when is the build date?
ManuelYT aug. 21., 1:09 
next bus VDL Futura FHD2 PLS
bilal1471999 aug. 20., 13:24 
They look amazing.:steamhappy:
Agent 47 aug. 20., 9:03 
Iskander-M  [készítő] aug. 20., 8:45 
Fixed, the tractive effort was only 2 kN now 20 kN.
Nickfrese4 aug. 20., 8:19 
way too slow
Nholan E-Galaxy Fr. aug. 20., 8:06 
Car are really slow to start
Nholan E-Galaxy Fr. aug. 20., 5:57 
I love this mod :D