ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Improved Flyers
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2018. jún. 4., 1:03
jún. 29., 7:29
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Improved Flyers


Un-nerfs flyers, allowing you to level speed, as well as removing some attack cooldowns that were apart of the nerf! Quality of Life features, like walking backwards has been also added!

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Currently Supported Dinos
- Argentavis
- Griffin
- Lymantria
- Pelagornis
- Phoenix
- Pteranodon
- Quetzal
- Rock Drake
- Snow Owl
- Tapejara
- Tek Quetzal
- Wyverns

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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2018. aug. 9., 19:30
aCw Gaming Running this mod!!
Kumari Ashamaki
2018. jún. 5., 16:17
jún. 28., 11:18
KIEMELVE: Spawn Codes
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Chief aug. 23., 20:46 
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frostbyte aug. 23., 20:27 
how do you download it?
Chief aug. 18., 5:03 
Spawn code for Tek Quetz:

Folder name for dino should be TekQuetzal not BionicQuetz. Dino name is correct.
I was doing some testing and forgot about this ;)
Chief júl. 9., 6:33 
I think this and that extension want first place in mod load order. I would put this one first then try the extension in second and see if you have any issues.

Kinda like IF says which one to spawn, and the extension tells where??? Not sure how they got these set up
-soft- júl. 8., 17:27 
Hello, i can't find anything about compatibility. Is this mod incompatible with anything? I'm running the valguero extension mod on the valguero map, and classic flyers did not work with it.
Chief júl. 7., 9:02 
Ah, yes, dino wipe then tame a new one. I do not think this is retroactive
Chief júl. 7., 6:39 
If you added this mod, then rs server, you should have done a dino wipe. That way it makes sure all flyers are IF.
Babyboi júl. 7., 3:51 
i just added this mod. it doesnt work on my snow owl. do i need to tame another one?
Chief jún. 30., 3:48 
If you look at the spawn codes link that is pinned just above these comments, it works for all those vanilla dinos. Not flyers from other dino mods

So answer is, yes. Just vanilla ice wyverns
Sir Mongoose16 jún. 30., 2:59 
does this work for ice wyverns?