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Some Roman Stuff
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2018. máj. 13., 17:55
2018. júl. 30., 16:35
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Some Roman Stuff

Status: Not working. Replaced by untill fixed
No updates for almost a year

Work in progress
Surely buggy
Unbalanced (probably hard to survive invasions)
Use under your own risk

*New kingdom
Roman People

*New jobs
Legionary - replaces footman
Centurion - replaces knight - only one allowed
Capsarii - replaces cleric
Signifer - capsarii upgrade - only one allowed

New campaign unlocking equipment and rewarding centurion and signifer promotion

Helmet Armor and Shield for combat jobs


*Furniture - not implemented yet

*Town progress - currently using rayyas

*New Town Banners models

Could use some help for:
job outfits
combat animations
dialoge corrections/changes
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2018. nov. 8., 16:26
2018. jún. 11., 17:45
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Caveman 2019. aug. 13., 11:34 
cant give anyone a sword is there another way
thaipuff288 2019. jún. 28., 1:51 
Plus, normal upgrade suit still acendcy kingdom you better change it too.
thaipuff288 2019. jún. 22., 2:15 
They're already have the "ruler job" right now. You should change this class name "Lord" to "Ceaser" as now.
Seyaku-Brad 2019. jún. 5., 14:00 
@Ghost92 Gracias
Ghost92  [készítő] 2019. jún. 4., 20:07 
for those interested, the armor and weapons are in the folowing mod:
Seyaku-Brad 2019. jún. 4., 14:02 
@DannemyBoi Yeah I get that4o, the job list doesnt populate but it also bricks all the other button functions (end up having to Alt+f4 just to get out of the game.
DanneMyBoi xd [GL][DDG] 2019. máj. 21., 10:58 
is it just my game that whenever i download the mod i can't change the jobs on my guys
Thahat 2019. febr. 1., 8:46 
no worries man!, thanks for the reaction and letting people know they can use your stuff, its apreciated!
Ghost92  [készítő] 2019. jan. 31., 13:53 
(to everyone) Feel free to use whatever you want from it's files
Same for any other test mods i had made when i was in Discord (those who were there will know)
And sorry for the long silence and abandoned work
Thahat 2019. jan. 31., 10:55 
Hey man, i know this mod hasnt been updated in a long, long while so im assuming its been abandoned for now (seeing as its not exactly up to date with the current version of the game), just a question: are you OK with people salvaging from your mod what can be salvaged?