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Anzah - A Mythical Land.
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Anzah - A Mythical Land.

An ARK Map within a less Sci-Fi fantasy setting.

Anzah - A Mythical Land

Map name for servers: Anzah_Map Mod ID: 1167012339

If you played some time on our map, feel free to answer some questions for us to improve:

About the map:
This map was created for the German roleplay community AnzahCraft. Its main goals are to create a roleplay-friendly environment and offer more freedom for forming different plots.
Technically speaking this map will remain a work in progress as long as our community is playing on it. Naturally there will always be smaller updates and upgrades.

This map has been in the works for the past 4 months and is now in a playable state. Continuous adjustments and changes will follow.
Status of the map:
The map is about 80% finished. The underwater parts are currently completely missing but this will be our goal for the next bigger update. After that there will be general cosmetic updates and some more fleshed out details.

If you want to see specific features added or have ideas for places on the map just mention them in the dedicated thread in the discussion section. Even though this map is a community project, ideas and suggestions are always welcome.
What this map has to offer:
We are trying to offer our players the ability to roam free as they see fit while preserving the needed respect one should have in the environment of Anzah.
To achieve that, Anzah offers the following features:
  • Vast and open plains for you to explore.
  • Massive mountains.
  • Dense forests with little secrets hidden within..
  • Untameable predators with higher levels that spawn randomly (A little extra, just like Alphas).
  • Plateaus for you to build upon.
  • Caves that want to be to be inhabited by you.
  • Little Secrets hidden all over the map.

There are quite a few bigger flat planes that enable the building of structures or even villages of bigger dimensions. Apart from that there are also large caves that are specifically designed to be habitable by players.

What else you can expect will be revealed in later posts.
Do you want to support us?

If you want to support us, feel free to donate to us using PayPal. It helps us maintaining the development speed we currently have and allows us to get in touch with custom models to use on our map. Otherwise it would be amazing if you could leave us a like or add this mod to your favourites.
If you enter your Discord Name in the donation box, you’ll get the VIP Rank that gives you acces to a VIP only Chat.
Do you want to talk to other users of this map or just get more information? Join our Discord!
Shoutouts to:
sicco0803 - for helping solving the most annoying bug ever!
Biggums - for the overall help whilst creating the map
Exilog - who made the rain disappear in our desert
The ARK Modding Forums []
This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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febr. 25., 11:56
KIEMELVE: Your ideas and wishes
márc. 20., 11:16
KIEMELVE: Bug reports and known issues
febr. 12., 12:02
Map nicht texturiert?
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jessibutlah márc. 15., 18:41 
Couldn't get the map to load, even with all other mods disabled. I'm not sure what else to try but it just keeps restarting the game so unfortunately I'll have to unsubscribe.
Bovine Khan márc. 14., 22:10 
There seems to be a HUGE bug with the textures on the rocks/mountains anywhere but the ground. I posted a few pic of this on your discord bug reports, but i hate discord and never get on it so i have no clue if someone messages me on it or not. So if this is a known issue, can you let me know??? I also have the HUGE overspawning happening. Spinos as well as sabertooth salmon?
ZarJohn  [készítő] márc. 14., 7:47 
@KaiiKizuka Die spawns sind im moment etwas fehlerhaft, wegen einieger Ark Updates und werden von uns auch noch weiter optimiert.
@Vemo Yeah, some spawn rates are way to low and some are way to high, this is a problem we are working to fix atm.
Vemo márc. 13., 6:07 
Our server is having a lot of issues with dino spawns, especially the aberrant dinos. We have only found 2 glowtails, 0 featherlights, and most of the aberrant dinos are EXTREMELY rare (aside from goats and bulbdogs). I mean, it's extremely hard to find anything aberrant related. We also can't find Quetzal's anywhere. Are these known issues that are planning on being looked at? We've destroyed all wild dinos numerous times but things don't change; little to no aberrant dinos, yet an overabundance of herbivores.
KaiKizuka márc. 8., 20:57 
dino spawns mein ich natürlich :)
KaiKizuka márc. 8., 20:54 
Wahnsinn ich und n paar freunde wollen einen RP server starten und die map is echt geil. gute arbeit jungs-. nur so ne frage mir scheinen die spawns etwas seltsam? is das schon fertig denn es erscheint mir sehr monoton ? andernfalls sehe ich nur super sachen :)
ZarJohn  [készítő] márc. 6., 6:17 
@lustigelisa Wann genau die map fertig sein wird, können wir leider nicht sagen. Es kommt halt drauf an, wieviele Ideen wir noch haben und einbauen können und wie lang wir werden brauchen um die bereits geplanten features zu implementieren.
@JBNL1972 The minimap is being drawn and will be implemented as soon as the artist is done. There a couple sites now, which over a rastered overwiew of the map. The map has enough orientation points, that you should be able to navigate using this. Or just your memmory.
@Samael We don't have a connected cave system. There are hidden caves with monsters, resources and some metalore and eastereggs.
Samael márc. 4., 19:14 
is there a cave system?
JBNL1972 márc. 4., 10:25 
Great map, will keep as favorited ... but without minimap, not navigable.
lustigelisa márc. 4., 4:27 
Hallo :) wir planen diese Mod in unsere Server mit aufzunehmen und würden gerne wissen ob die Map Februar 2018 der 2019 fertig sein sollte :D Bzw. wann es schussendlich fertig sein wird.