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Call of the Wild
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Call of the Wild

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TimmyCarbine Surviving The Call Series
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MOD ID: 1091463040
Clean & Stackable Wave Defence Mod

Welcome to Call of the Wild

This mod attempts to fill a space I felt was missing in my PvE experiences. I love to build big defensive bases, but unfortunately they are pointless in PvE. Nothing ever attacks my base... until now

Currently there are 2 ways you can use this mod;
  • 1. Survival Mode (UseTimer=true) which using the timer to automatically launch waves at your base.
  • 2. Event Mode (UseTimer=false) which lets you decide when there should be a wave via radial menu.

The mod is centralized around the Call of the Wild Control Unit which summons a wave of various creatures every 30 - 60 minutes around the device with the sole purpose of ending your existence.
Please read the config thread to learn how to customise the settings of this mod

There are 20 Wave Ranks each consisting of randomly chosen creatures depending on the Wave Rank.
(Wave Rank 1 consists of Dodos, Jerboas, Mesos & Dimorphodons)
Each wave can consist of creatures from it's current wave and anything from the previous 2 waves.
(Wave Rank 4 can contain anything from Wave 4 down to Wave 2)

Each wave rank is determined by your level. While you remain under a certain level each wave of creatures will remain that wave rank until you pass the level threshold. Wave Rank 1 is from character level 1 - 9, when you hit level 10 the wave will advance to Wave Rank 2 and so forth.

If you have multiple people in your tribe, your average level of every tribemate is taken. Note: the player needs to be online for it to count

If you die 3 times during a wave, the Control Unit will automatically despawn the creatures to allow you to get back on your feet. It will also reset your Wave Rank back to 1. Note: the 3 deaths can be any online tribemate; If player 1 dies twice and player 2 dies once, the wave will despawn and the timer will reset.

Creature Data
Lists all creatures used in CotW and all data associated with them like Wave Rank, Cost, Wave Type, etc
Let me know if I need to explain something more as I realise not everybody is going to understand the list.
Google Doc: Creature Data

How To Start
  1. Simply learn the engram for the Call of the Wild Control Unit. Learned at level 1.
  2. Craft it and place it in the center of your base. Costs 1 thatch to craft.
  3. Use the Control Unit and click "Show Spawn Distance"
    The Yellow Sphere will show the minimum distance at which creatures will spawn. Creatures will not spawn inside the yellow sphere.
    The Red Sphere will show the maximum distance at which creatures will spawn. Creatures will not spawn outside the red sphere.
  4. Please ensure the Yellow Sphere is larger than your base/walls so creatures don't spawn inside your walls.
    Note: the spheres are not 100% accurate, please allow 2-3 foundations width from your walls for error.
  5. Now just wait for 30-60 mins... but you should probably build some defences ;)

Things To Note:
  • Currently there is no benefit in completing the waves other than bragging rights. Future plans to implement a full loot table.
  • CotW creatures are aggresive only towards players and player-owned creatures/stuctures.
  • CotW creatures cannot be tamed, do not flee and are immune to torpor damage.
  • CotW creatures ignore wild creatures and wild creatures ignore CotW creatures.

Known Bugs
  • CotW creatures will attack any player, whoever is closest. (I'm working on a fix to make them only aggressive towards the tribe that summoned them.) - Added v1.25.0

Future Features
  • Tier Based Loot Table with INI setting ability
  • New Model For Control Unit (One more suited for primitive servers; INI setting toggleable of course)
  • Custom particle effects - Added v1.25.0
  • Rare chance of custom events; A wave of all Alphas, or all flyers, etc - Added v1.25.0

My Mods
Call of the Wild
TCs Auto Rewards

My Youtube Channel
My Patreon[] where you can support me
Community Discord[] where we can chat about the mod, Ark building or Ark in general... or even gaming in general.

Special Thanks
Glog - for helping me think of better ways to do things and generally troubleshoot bugs (I can't thank this guy enough) He is the author of the amazing Zoology mod, check out his workshop
Swords - for his math to generate a random spawn location within certain parameters
Letoric - for his advice on tracking the dinos
Ark Modding Discord - for just being a great community

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.
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2017. okt. 26., 11:29
KIEMELVE: Suggestions
2017. dec. 28., 23:39
KIEMELVE: Config || INI Settings & Console Commands
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TimmyCarbine  [készítő] jan. 14., 15:37 
@everyone The update is live, this should fix the issue with invisible structures on server restarts. Hopefully that didn't break anything else which is what normally happens in programming in general ;)

Let me know of any issues that arise so I can fix them asap. It is difficult to test every possible circumstance by myself. I appreciate the feedback I get from you all. Cheers
"Good Ol' Fashion Cola" jan. 14., 13:11 
my jurassicpark is now complete! whit animals rushing to make masive caos
Wolf jan. 14., 8:40 
I really appreciate how active and open to feedback you are with the community you have created with this awesome mod, thank you so much for your great work and keep it up!
TimmyCarbine  [készítő] jan. 14., 1:48 
@everyone, I have a fix for the invisible structure issue cooked and ready to go, however, LogicServers control panel is currently down. I am going to hold off on updating the mod just yet because I will end up locking everyone out of their servers if they are hosted by Logic. Thank you for your patience
TimmyCarbine  [készítő] jan. 12., 3:22 
@Lorelei You can change how quickly the wave will spawn with the config settings, you'll find a link just above here which explains all the settings and what they do.
Lorelei jan. 12., 2:15 
Is there a way to speed up the waves? Or perhaps we are doing something wrong. We started at the first wave to see how it works. 2 will spawn, then there is a very long wait before another 2 or so will spawn and then another long wait.. ect.
OMGNocht jan. 1., 1:11 
hoping you can make the next version work with aberattion, keep up the good work.
Sollandel 2017. dec. 17., 10:44 
Thank you for making this mod, its absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see what plans you have for its advancement!
TimmyCarbine  [készítő] 2017. dec. 5., 20:01 
@Fluharty Some can, yes. Check in the Creature List to see which ones can damage what type of structure
Lycanshifter 2017. dec. 5., 19:40 
Good luck :)