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Stop Wasting My Time - WotC
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9 Φεβ 2016 στις 21:51
22 Σεπ 2017 στις 18:55
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Stop Wasting My Time - WotC

Quality of Life / UI Improvements - WotC
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Speeds up the game by removing pointless pauses and other time-wasters.
All changes are purely cosmetic.

For a version that doesn't require War of the Chosen, see here

Combat changes:
  • Removed various pauses:
    • After shooting, throwing grenades, abilities, etc.
    • After getting a kill
    • After going into cover
    • Reanimating corpses and unburrowing chryssalids
    • Revealed enemies cinematic time
    • Enemies randomly pointing for no reason
  • Removed some unskippable Bradford voiceovers:
    • 1, 3, and 6 turns remaining warnings
    • Civilians dying warning
  • Removed 33% slowdown of enemies not being attacked during overwatch slowmo (enemies being attacked are unaffected)

Non-combat changes:
  • Increased the speed of the Avenger on the global map
  • Reduced the fade-in time of the horrendously slow color picker


Other similar mods:


Classes Overridden (why do I care?):
  • (non-essential) UIColorChip.uc
  • (non-essential) X2Action_EndCinescriptCamera.uc
  • (non-essential) X2Action_EnterCover.uc

Thanks to IphStich for figuring out how to speed up the Gremlins (and contributing the code)! (this has been removed from the WotC version)
Thanks to tracktwo for figuring out how to shut Bradford up!
Thanks to MINERAL-115, Ttack, and Joshimodo for contributing logos!
Thanks to RainingMetal for figuring out how to disable enemies randomly pointing!

The source code for all my mods can be found on GitHub[github.com]

10 Ιουν 2016 στις 14:38
ΕΠΙΣΗΜΑΣΜΕΝΟ: How to disable specific changes made by this mod:
3 Ιαν στις 11:52
Breaks WotC Cutscenes, currently making the game unplayable
Yolo Swaggins
19 Αυγ 2017 στις 6:20
Delay during the interior of skyranger after mission
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969 σχόλια
B1ackjack 23 Μαϊ στις 14:34 
How can i check if it's working? Having issues with Instant Menus not working despite being enabled (suggested solutions didn't help so far), i need to check if it's the same with this one.
GOONEYCÆNG 15 Μαϊ στις 20:45 
My game crashes when I try and use this mod...
RobLoach 14 Μαϊ στις 18:15 
@ImmortalZodd The link to that is in the description steam://openurl/http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1124175771
ImmortalZodd 10 Μαϊ στις 5:40 
there a version of this mod for base game?
ElectricBlue 26 Απρ στις 7:18 
This mod was ace in vanilla but in WOTC this and Instant Avenger Menus are causing a lot of visual bugs and frame drops for me. I'm going to try clearing out my mod folders but I'll likely have to unsub :(
AlienSpectator 18 Απρ στις 5:38 
There are a lot of things that don't trigger when using this mod. Don't start a game in ironman mode with it, or you will get stuck and forced to restart a game.
Abathur 1 Απρ στις 14:32 
Afraid to say I tried my damndest to keep this mod on my games, unfortunately after discovering this mod and this mod alone (against the god knows how many others I've installed) was the root cause of having extreme lag and frame rate drops I have no choice but to uninstall and unsub, not worth the hassle at all.
johnnylush 17 Μαρ στις 14:08 
This mod is not worth the headaches.....uninstalled.
HitmanBarnes 15 Φεβ στις 9:58 
@pcwizard7, same i just made a thread asking if there a way to stop bradford and camera been taken ove but i just checked and i have this yet it still happening and get's annoying.
Lampros 1 Ιαν στις 13:29 
This mod definitely has issues. Periodically it crashes the game, and you have to uninstall it to continue. It seems to happen a lot in cutscenes - for instance, when reinforcements drop in. I use 30-plus mods, and I've isolated it to this mod each time.