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[MAPPING] Creating overviews for maps
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This tutorial will show how to make quick and easy overviews for maps.
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Screen shot script
We will be using a script to switch off the HUD, copy and paste the code in the box to your autoexec.cfg located in the below folder.

When you run dod the F9 key will now cycle the hud on and off.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\dod

bind F9 "hudoff" alias hudoff "dev_overview 0;developer 0;_cl_minimapzoom 0;_cl_minimap 0;net_graph 0;r_drawviewmodel 0;hud_draw 0;cl_hud_objectives 0;cl_hud_health 0;cl_hud_ammo 0;cl_hud_reinforcements 0;cl_hud_objtimer 0;echo Hud Off;bind F9 overview1" alias overview1 " dev_overview 1;wait;bind F9 overview2" alias overview2 " developer 1;wait;bind F9 hudon" alias hudon "developer 0;dev_overview 0;r_drawviewmodel 1;hud_draw 1;cl_hud_objectives 1;cl_hud_health 1;cl_hud_ammo 1;cl_hud_reinforcements 1;cl_hud_objtimer 1;echo Hud On;bind F9 hudoff"
Get the screen shots
Open steam libary, right mouse click Dod icon and click properties , then click set launch options , then add -dev and press ok.

Run Dod and open GFX settings (Take a screen shot of your settings before you change them), check run in window box , and set screen size to 1024x768 resolution.

Open you map and join allies or axis, wait untill you spawn.

Press F9, your hud is now off and you can take screen shots.

Press F9 again , now you should see the whole map. If you don`t then use the following keys to center it.

left / right = map up and down
forward / backwards = map left right
fire button one / two = zoom map

When your happy press F12 to take screen shot.

Press F9, then F12 to take another screen shot. (this will save all the map info that you will need later)

Press F9, now your hud will be back on.

Quit Dod, and find the two overview screenshots, rename the one without text to the same as your map, open it in paint and save it as an 256 colour 8bit bmp image. (Use photoshop if you have it, it will look much better)

eg. dod_mynewmap.bmp

Open your overview folder and put your new bmp in it.

Make a new txt file in your overviews folder , and copy this text into it.

// overview description file for dod_flash global { ZOOM 1.19 ORIGIN -295.99 -514.16 208.00 ROTATED 1 } layer { IMAGE "overviews/dod_flash.bmp" HEIGHT -191.00 }

Open up the screen shot with the text at the top and copy the zoom origin rotaion and height info over to the new text file.
change dod_flash.bmp to the name of you new overview.

Finally save the text file with the same name as your map eg dod_mynewmap.txt .

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[TEK] TheScaryGuy 13 Σεπ στις 7:06 
Very cool script! I’ll be using it.