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Shephard in Lambda Core
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28 Νοε στις 0:30
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Shephard in Lambda Core

Shephard in Lambda Core

(1) Introduction.

Corporal Adrian Shephard now appears at the very end of the Lambda Core—moments before the portal collapses—greeting Gordon Freeman.

(2) How to Play.

This item is automatically installed to your game directory by subscribing to it.

This item modifies the following chapters: Lambda Core. The name of the map is: bm_c3a2i.

Important note:
  • This map was compiled in the public-beta build. While you can play this map in the non-beta version of the game, you may experience unintended behavior. Also, your game may crash if you attempt to load this map in the older versions of Black Mesa.

(3) Disclaimer.

Black Mesa ⓒ 2019 by Crowbar Collective, All rights reserved. First published in Steam, 2015.
Half-Life ⓒ 2019 by Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. First published by Sierra, 1998.

This “Workshop Addon” is for distribution and use in Steam Workshop only.
This file may not be copied, reproduced, distributed, published, used, modified, displayed, in whole or in part anywhere else.
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Shephard in Lambda Core
December 2019 Revision.
English, en-US.
File name: sl

2015, 2019
Made in Republic of Korea.
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199 σχόλια
Duc P 3 ώρες πριν 
So I've noticed that Shephard won't attack the aliens and vice versa. Also, I think this mod gives me errors in the game.
Flaninty 28 Νοε στις 11:03 
holy shit it was update tysm
¤ CCG: Juuzou Suzuya  [Δημιουργός] 19 Νοε στις 1:55 
This addon should be updated “soon.”
CobraBoas20 17 Νοε στις 16:24 
@¤ CCG: Juuzou Suzuya . The Xen released will be here in no time, the black mesa team is fixing the earth levels & finishing the chapter of Nihilanth which is a final bossfight of course.
CobraBoas20 17 Νοε στις 16:20 
@¤ CCG: Juuzou Suzuya . Will you update the Adrian Shepard in Lamba Core chapter, after the Black Mesa team made major improvements to the game????? Might want to wait after the Xen Story is completely released!!! ;)
Flaninty 13 Νοε στις 21:54 
@Laben_Vinci Uh oh! Looks like someone didn't read the description!
Laben_Venci - Busy|School sux 28 Οκτ στις 18:08 
Shepard is not black, in the official art, character model and view model arms, he is white.
☻MYSTIC☻ 15 Οκτ στις 20:04 
Is this compatible with this mod Claasic Romka HECUs V3?
Duc P 3 Οκτ στις 22:39 
Update this please. Shephard needs more recognition.
FeReise 4 Σεπ στις 4:34 
I'm sorry to say this mod caused the 'Node Graph out of date. Rebuilding...' and 'AI disable' problem in the Lambda core chapter, right at the portal core (very last) section. Can you updated this mod for us?