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Great Bear Lake
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Great Bear Lake

The Great Bear Lake in Northwest Terrotories, Canada. Encircled by several fictional towns that may benefit from literally, shipping. The remote terrain is rough and challenging. Map scale is about 1:20 horizontally (13 x 11 km), and 1:4 vertically (85-260 m).
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Oldhip 14 Ιαν στις 20:33 
I agree need more pics before it gets downloaded
Alguy 11 Ιαν στις 20:33 
Nice Map! I know Deline is the only real town on great bear lake but if you wanted to push it you could also include Cameron Bay(Mining site on the southeast arm) and Sawmill Bay (Also on the southeast arm but closer to the middle of the lake). Just a suggestion if you want to add real names to the area's around the lake :steamhappy:
maltz  [Δημιουργός] 10 Ιαν στις 4:27 
davidmoore668, when I checked them up on Google map the only inhabited place around Great Bear Place is "Deline". So I decided to use fictional towns just like my other mod "Devil's Eye".
maltz  [Δημιουργός] 10 Ιαν στις 4:22 
I changed the map folder from "map" to "maps" (if you cannot find the mod folder, please unsubscribe and re-subscribe the mod), so it should hopefully work now. Thanks for reporting the problem.
Ours 10 Ιαν στις 3:37 
Can't find map either.
Any help?
davidmoore668 10 Ιαν στις 0:38 
What no pics ? Please U change the NON FICTIONAL TOWN NAMES 2 REAL TOWN NAMES ; please/thankyou ; Beause I Love my country and I am a CANADIAN as well TYVM.P.S. Little joke 4 u EH. LOL with u. :-) :-) :-)
OzWally 9 Ιαν στις 20:01 
Cant find map after I enable it.