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[WD] Simple Concrete
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Mod, 1.0, 1.1
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24 Νοε 2018 στις 12:42
26 Φεβ στις 10:09
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[WD] Simple Concrete

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Adds reinforced concrete as a new strong and durable "Stony" material.

- Adds concrete as an expencive and strong end-game material.
- Concrete wall durability - 1050 (Wood - 225, Steel - 350, Granite - 595, Plasteel - 980)
- Research: Electricity -> Reinforced Concrete (1000)
- Adds Concrete Tile and Flagstone floors.
- Recipe: 20 any stone blocks + 10 steel = 20 concrete blocks (Electric smelter) 37 work to make.
- Material works correct with buildings from other mods like More Furniture.

Known Issues:

Saved games compatibility:
Installation: no known problems.
Remove: reccomended to remove all concrete structures from the map first.

Other mods compatibility:
No known problems.

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Zar Shef 28 Φεβ στις 1:23 
Wemd  [Δημιουργός] 26 Φεβ στις 12:45 
You're welcome! Glad you like it :)
JonnyJaap 26 Φεβ στις 12:45 
Love this mod, thanks so much for the fast update!
Wemd  [Δημιουργός] 26 Φεβ στις 10:11 

-The mod supports both 1.0 and 1.1 versions now.
-Concrete production is less time consuming now.
-Concrete durability was balanced: a concrete wall has 1050hp instead 1400.
Wemd  [Δημιουργός] 24 Φεβ στις 8:06 
All my mods will be updated when the stable 1.1 version is released.
Talisman1973 24 Φεβ στις 5:22 
I am hoping this will be updated to 1.1 in the near future?
carlarc 26 Ιαν στις 13:44 
an urbworld material is somehow 1.5 times stronger as a wall than plasteel, a spacer-tier tech material......
Dude I'm gonna fuckin' pre 17 Οκτ 2019 στις 14:14 
The main idea I've gathered during all this typing is making a better alternative to metal walls but MUCH less convenient.
Extra hoops to go through and all, while being worth it in the end.
Although I use the autopsy mod so the f*ck do I know about balance?
Dude I'm gonna fuckin' pre 17 Οκτ 2019 στις 14:14 
Well I guess to solve some of the balance issues you could just add tiers right?
As in medieval basic concrete, industrial reinforced concrete and maybe something like spacer permacrete idk.Bear with me tho my brain smol.

Ughhh like basic concrete uses gravel (which could be made from chunks as a crafting recipe or a byproduct of cutting bricks) and sand (another potential byproduct or recipe not sure) with wood as a cast, it'd be weaker than cut stone walls but maybe cheaper per chunk/resource-wise and building time.
And would have something like 400/350ish hp.

Reinforced concrete would be similar but with an addition of steel to reinforce the concrete (hence the name I guess).Appropriately scaled up stats to the prior tier and such.
And would have something like 600/550ish hp.

Permacrete would again, be similar to the prior tier but with a healthy bit of plasteel in addition to the steel, with more much raw concrete.
Maybe around 1000ish hp?
Bootleg Chauncey 4 Οκτ 2019 στις 11:13 
NECEROS does make a good point. Balance is important, but so is... verisimilitude. Plausibility. "Realism", if you can call it that. Surely there are more elegant ways to balance concrete than making it an advanced technology, when in practice it's one of the more primitive and not really far above masonry generally.