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Silva - Fuel Refinery Spire
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Silva - Fuel Refinery Spire

Silva's Mods for Surviving Mars
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Produces lot of Fuel from Water but, make a lot of noise. The colonists dislike it.Decrease by 20 the Comfort of all Residences in the Dome.

New building : Fuel Factory Spire
Type : Production (Fuel), Spire, Inside building
Tech : Advanced Refining (SILVATECH)
Workers : 5 per shift (Engineers)
Upgrades : 3
Production (per day) : 48
Consumption : 3.5 Water / 20 Electricity

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19 σχόλια
arkwaldr 7 Ιουν 2019 στις 8:24 
Inside dome? Seems dangerous to me on at least two counts. There is a potential for explosion with oxygen present. Also danger of fumes building up in the dome and killing those present and endangering others.
Sorry, our colonies will have to outlaw such dangerous practices. ;)
GreenDragon527 28 Φεβ 2019 στις 0:32 
@Pondera I like that idea, furthers the idea of specialised domes. Also, it looks like a good dome for seniors and renegades xD
Admiral Casual 24 Φεβ 2019 στις 15:49 
This gives me some ideas. Like making a specialized factory set-up connected via passages to two residential domes. No houses, no downside, right? And I'm genuinely curious how sound acts on Mars. It has only 1/1000th the atmospheric pressure of Earth and sound travels better through dense materials. The opposite would be true here, so, does that mean what would be deafening on Earth would be less so here?

King Bran the Broken 18 Ιαν 2019 στις 14:06 
For English text, the description of the spire is missing a space in the following, "The Colonists dislike it.Decrease by 20 . . . "
Pharaonkheops 30 Οκτ 2018 στις 12:52 
I tend to agree with OFC... further, it could give some good opportunities for a real interdome synergy with a central fact/common serv dome with that spire, linked by passages to several housing/specific and basic serv domes with an arcology...
Petrichor 21 Αυγ 2018 στις 11:48 
So instead I was trying to think of potential alternative uses for the buiding that might be more practical. The idea I had was a factory amplifier spire, a bit like the network node for factories but actually useful. A spire that adds a 25-50% production boost to other factories in the dome and outdome ones in it's sphere of influence would be worthwhile in terms of saving workers if it takes 2-5 or less employees per shift with just a single electronics factory in the dome. Each additional factory makes it better and better. Throw in a fuel opperation cost and the dome comfort reduction, and this spire serves as a way to get more out of your factory workers in exchange for other costs as well as rewarding someone for specializing domes in factories.
Petrichor 21 Αυγ 2018 στις 11:48 
@Silva: There's also the factor of opportunity costs to consider. That's what you choose not to get by building this instead, which is more important for spires than anything else. If concerving water is your biggest concern, then a water reclemation tower in a dome with a farm at all will save at least 2 units of water. The more farms and the bigger the dome, the more water saved. Even without a farm in the smallest dome, you still save 0.7 water with that instead of the fuel refinery spire. Besides, what do you even need all that fuel for in that case?

So for a super fuel refinery, you need a very specific situation for it to be useful. Water needs to be very tight, you need to already be concerving everything you can, but you still need to get as much fuel as quickly as possible with that limited supply. The game just doesn't have situations where that'd come up.
Silva  [Δημιουργός] 20 Αυγ 2018 στις 22:47 
@Sexy Babes : Many of my mods need to have a better balancing. However, the specialists (Engineer) give a strong bonus of production (6 workers per shift = +50% and more if you have good workers (+75%) ). In my game, my factory gives (with the upgrades) : +70 fuel, 2.5 water consumption, 20 power consumption, 3.5 machine parts. Vanilla factory (with the upgrades) 18 fuel, 1 water, 15 power, 1 machine part. :)
Petrichor 20 Αυγ 2018 στις 21:35 
As cool as the art is, I don't see the point in building this spire. What advantage does it give over just having more normal fuel refineries? It has to be pretty substancial to make up for the downside of needing workers and reducing dome comfort. From what I can see, it takes more power but requires slightly less water? 4 fuel refineries produce the same amount of fuel, only cost 20 power, consume 4 water, and don't require workers.
Kodus 6 Αυγ 2018 στις 9:42 
Não, ele é francês