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23 Σεπ 2017 στις 0:33
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This addon provide more realistic uniforms and equipment for CSAT soldiers.
I used web sources for references.

- Units are equipped with custom uniforms, vests and headgear in order to be more realistic and less futuristic.
- The addon does not modify any unit(or their loadout), it will only change the appearance of the items without modifying their characteristics.
- This will not change any Campaigns or Missions beheavior.

- Arma3.
- No addons required.

Not so far.

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22 σχόλια
dingos8 21 Οκτ 2017 στις 12:42 
Thanks for adding this! I grabbed this from Armaholic ages ago, but it's great to have it on Steam.
Antilochos 18 Οκτ 2017 στις 0:38 
Is this a replacement mod? Because I would like these uniforms not as a replacement, but next to the original uniforms; so they have the heavy duty uniforms and these light versions to choose, would be great).
ZAGOR64BZ 1 Οκτ 2017 στις 14:28 
Good Job Massi!! Really like the low dependency. Speaking of which, could it be possible to have a "ALL IN ONE" collection, so if you design a multi-nationality mission there's only one mod? Thank you man.
jasperloop 28 Σεπ 2017 στις 5:45 
Thank you. For this and all your other work.
HabitableMango2 27 Σεπ 2017 στις 18:12 
Hey Massi, could you please make a steam collection of all of your mods for easy browing and access?
ミ SatanaDZK ®ミ 26 Σεπ 2017 στις 8:52 
Top men!! GOOD!!
jbdragon93 26 Σεπ 2017 στις 1:01 
Awesome thank you for your work !
massi  [Δημιουργός] 25 Σεπ 2017 στις 22:08 
yes it does
jbdragon93 25 Σεπ 2017 στις 15:06 
Massi with this mod does it replace the old CSAT in the Campaign with your version ?
massi  [Δημιουργός] 25 Σεπ 2017 στις 8:58 
yes it is working with alive