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Voxel Tycoon
28. Mai 2017 um 13:18 Uhr
24. Jan. um 12:42 Uhr

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Veröffentlichungsdatum: 2018

Voxel Tycoon — strategy game about transportation, building factories, and mining beautiful voxel landscapes.

So, if you like games such as OpenTTD and Factorio, or playing modded Minecraft, you’re in the right place.

Not comprehensive list of features includes:
  • Dozens of locomotives, each with its own strengths and weakness
  • Rich infrastructure Signals, bridges, tunnels, electricity
  • Endless procedural world filled with unique biomes and cities
  • Explore depths of the earth and find more rare resources
  • Terraforming!
  • Destructible world Be careful while handling any dangerous materials
  • Build your own factories Automate mining, local logistics, and production then deliver goods to cities on trains, trucks or other kinds of transport
  • Construct complex chains of production and supply needs of growing cities
  • Research new technologies
  • Multiplayer (co-op and vs)!
  • Built with modding and community in mind

We are going to release VT as basic gameplay features will be implemented, and then constantly update with new content and improvements. There Mod API and tools will be also present.

If everything goes well, you can expect early alpha to be available this year.
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5. Aug. 2017 um 3:11 Uhr
Vehicle suggestions question
6. Okt. 2017 um 17:11 Uhr
Как будет выглядеть игра?
4. Aug. 2017 um 7:35 Uhr
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309 Kommentare
LoL-XD 23. Jan. um 4:27 Uhr 
нуу когда выйдет, разработчики :steambored:
sensianai 20. Jan. um 8:35 Uhr 
ชอบ น่าสนุก liked it :steamhappy:
HS_Devil 17. Jan. um 15:12 Uhr 
Выглядит крайне занятно. Разработчику - молодца, не бросай проект и удачи в разработке.
Верю в проект и с нетерпением жду.
С уважением. :Honored:
Chifity 9. Jan. um 17:10 Uhr 
gostei muito :showtongue:
Heron | John Doe 30. Dez. 2017 um 3:24 Uhr 
There is a release planned for 2018.
Earlier plans involved late 2017/early 2018 but they moved the plan back in order to polish the game to a state the devs think they should the game release in.
I sure am looking forward to the release but I also think that they do the right thing in not releasing it until they themselves are happy with it.
Itching Pain 29. Dez. 2017 um 18:28 Uhr 
Is this released yet? Please?
Heron | John Doe 15. Dez. 2017 um 7:27 Uhr 
Other modes of transportation are talked about in their trello, so they thought about it...

This is where you can discus about features and stuff.
Morivy 14. Dez. 2017 um 8:41 Uhr 
PinkyDit, будет летать, даже на очень слабом железе)
PinkyDit 14. Dez. 2017 um 1:57 Uhr 
Очень жду! надеюсь со стабильностью в игре и обновлениями будет всё ОК?!
Razorz McLazorz 5. Dez. 2017 um 22:46 Uhr 
maybe as a future idea to add quests