ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta
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SurvivalPlus - Open Beta


A whole new take on ARK awaits you! Experience a more immersive Survival Feeling than ever before as you brave a new and more dangerous world on your journey from the Stone Age up into the Medieval Times. From the first minutes in this Total Conversion to your first castle siege you will find that this is no vanilla ARK experience - it feels like a whole new game!

We recommend playing on our official server!

This mod plays best with larger amounts of people. We encourage anyone looking to get the most out of it to join us on our official server.

The Basics:
Survival Plus aims to completely overhaul how ARK works, from your first minute to your last day.
  • Technology from the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages, but no high tech.
  • Professions: Over 1000 items are craftable and split up between multiple professions.
  • Custom building system with a completely new look (Feel free to request new features or designs!)
  • Extended Survival Mechanisms: Sleep & Exhaustion, Extended Food & Cooking, Custom Poison Weapons & more.
  • Custom RP Cooking - Dodo legs simmered in lemon juice with fried potatoes anyone?
  • Dynamically spawning new resources like tin, copper, limestone and coal.
  • Prospecting and Quarry System for endgame resources
  • Trading: Custom currency and Trading System.
  • Better farming with new crops, fertilizers and farming mechanics.
  • Extended crafting systems with more crafting stations, a new tool system and more.
  • New and changed taming mechanisms, but large dinos are not tameable to keep a survival feeling. Wild dino nests!
  • A more balanced and less "grindy" experience on vanilla rates.
  • Upcoming: Carts for players and dinos ( )
  • Upcoming: Rebalanced Dinos and upgraded Dino AI (partially implemented already).
  • Upcoming: Extended tribe system with a criminal bounty system, territories and more.
  • Upcoming: Religion and "karma" against offline griefing.

For a detailed introduction visit our about page:

Feedback, Balancing and new Features
We are always looking for feedback and ideas for new features!
One of our main concerns is the feeling of "grindyness", so if you find something that you think takes too long or is too annoying - please let us know!
We will do our best to replace this with a meaningful mechanic instead of just blind farming!
Our goal is to make x1 rates feel comfortable for community servers.

We recommend to host with []

Click the link below to get to our FAQ section.

This work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.

If you have paid to use this mods or any parts of this mod, please demand a refund of your payment. The seller is in violation of the license under which this work was published. If you are a server owner and want to accept donations please remove this mod. There are no exceptions to this license.

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17. Nov. um 17:39 Uhr
ANGEHEFTET: About tameable animals
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3,206 Kommentare
Tao  [Autor] Vor 14 Minuten 
The engram screen is not intended for the profession engrams, but due to technical limitations we cannot hide them from it. If you hover over them you will see a note to learn them in your journal.
Daedalus Vor 3 Stunden 
Where’s the NPC buyer? I know I can buy thing from the Chester stations but where do I sell things?
kenbalt Vor 5 Stunden 
From the engram screen
Alley_Killa  [Autor] Vor 6 Stunden 
@kenbalt Are you trying from the engram screen our your journal?
kenbalt Vor 7 Stunden 
Can't Learn profesion engrams no mater how many times i press and accept it just stays greyed out
Any solutions please
thanks in advance
ck-02 Vor 12 Stunden 
@Tao Danke schön, für die Antwort
Daedalus Vor 12 Stunden 
Thank you Tao and Killa, you guys rock! Keep up the amazing work!

If anyone else is reading this and wants a fun community server, I’m hosting one and we have weekend harvest rates increased. Small population with a few tweaks, I’ll be advertising the server soon
PM me for details, server name is Raptor Gaming 2.0
Tao  [Autor] Vor 15 Stunden 
@Daedalus: sadly ark does not allow this, but I am currently working with WC to fix this issue. Should a fix from WC not be possibly shortly we will disable the related features to enable basic access to the structures until a fix arrives.

@ck-02: Das spawnen ist zeitlich zufallsbasiert und passiert immer in der nähe von T .rex (Spawn zonen für die Karte ansehen und dann dort ein wenig forschen!)
Der Strukturzugriff wurde durch einen ARK Patch der nicht mit der momentanen Dev Kit Version kompatibel ist unterbrochen, WC und wir arbeiten an einer Lösung.

@Minister Oak: Breeding is enabled, but only Farmers can breed currently. I intend to re-enable Dodos and possibly other small creatures in the future, pending further investigation and feedback.
Alley_Killa  [Autor] Vor 17 Stunden 
@Klazik Not at the moment as berries are only used for taming and dyes. A farmer can grow berries pretty easily. Remember berries have almost no effect on food or nutrition.
ck-02 Vor 19 Stunden 
Quicklime Kin the same as Blacksmith Table