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Planetary Diversity
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Planetary Diversity


Stellaris: 2.4.*

Planetary Diversity Add-On Mods
Unique Worlds
More Arcologies
Exotic Worlds
Reworked Habitability
Planet View
Planetary Habitats

This mod adds 29 new planet types to the game;
- 21 regular worlds some with events.
- 7 rare worlds.
- 1 non-colonizable planet.

The mod uses events to change the existing planets when a game starts. Example: All the regular dry planets will reroll as the extended PD dry planets. The mod does add the rare/special planets as initializers, so they will add to galactic planet count but they are set to be scaled to the size of your galaxy. On a tiny map, there will be 0-3 and on an extra-large map, there will be around 20 extra planets. Aside from the rare/special planets spawning is untouched.

It also has two game start events;
- If you start on Sol or Deneb you can add terraforming candidate modifiers to some planets.
- You can change nearby neighbour planets to be the same category instead of them being the same class.

All planets have custom artwork!

Regular Worlds
1. Continental
2. Tropical
3. Ocean
4. Cascadian
5. Atoll
6. Crag
7. Mangrove
8. Tepui
9. Retinal
10. Forest

1. Desert
2. Arid
3. Savannah
4. Steppe
5. Dune
6. Oasis
7. Mesa
8. Atacama
9. Prairie
10. Mediterranean

1. Arctic
2. Tundra
3. Alpine
4. Bog
5. Frigid
6. Glacial
7. Boreal
8. Mycelium
9. Antarctic
10. Snow

Rare Worlds
You can start on these worlds, they have a slight bonus and they spawn in the galaxy randomly. They don't get ideal neighbour classes, but they do get nearby planets that thematically appropriate for them.
1. Geothermal World - A icy world with high levels of geothermal activity that create lush jungle pockets. Special mining and energy districts.
2. Superhabitable World - A super earth that is larger than most habitable planets, aside from the high gravity it is a perfect place for life to flourish. Special mining and farming districts.
3. Tidally Locked World - A planet which is tidally locked around its star, one side always faces the sun while the other is trapped in eternal darkness. Special energy and farming districts.
4. Bioluminescence Jungle - A hot jungle world that is under almost complete darkness, has special farming and energy districts.
5. Radiotrophic World - A special tomb world where life has learnt to adapt to the high levels of radiation, special farming and energy districts.
6. Karst World - A hollow world of caves, special mining and energy districts.
7. Primal World - A young slowly cooling world of lava rivers and primitive jungles, special mining and energy districts.

Planets with Terraforming Candidate
1. Hothouse World - This is a un-colonizable planet that can have an anomaly that will make it a terraforming candidate.

Planetary Diversity Overwrites:
\common\all the district files
some events

Want to see even more planets? I'm always down to add more. Please consider contributing a dollar or two to help add more professional artwork for the Mod. Every cent donated will go towards paying the artist. Thank you for enjoying the mod!
Check out the Artist - Facebook [] - Deviant Art []

Special thanks:
Don Artemio – for Russian translation.
Draco Lander - for Polish translation.
Joky – for French translation.
duffymcdave - for German translation.
Aranha Maluco - for Portuguese translation.
io & Alguerath - for Spanish translation.
Shota3245 - for Japanese translation.
Meishashier - for Simplified Chinese translation
Dwaine - for a fix for Tidally Locked, and a ton of helpful ideas and art.
ExNihil + Lex Peregrine - for most of the amazing code for the spawning engine.

Thank you for enjoying it and please rate it if you have a second.

Fully Compatible Mods/Sub Mods
UI Overhaul Dynamic + Patch
Guilli's Planet Modifiers 2.2
GUILLI's PM + Planetary Diversity Patch
Rogue Servitor Ecumenopolis
District Diversity
Links to mods and patches for other mods that work with Planetary Diversity;
Planetary Diversity and Glavius AI Terraforming Patch
Planetary Div - New World - Glavius AI Terraforming Patch
Patch for Plentiful Perks and Planetary Diversity
More Events Mod - Planetary Diversity Compatibility Patch
!Patch for Eco-Arcology
!!!Universal Resource Patch
Habitable Structures Universal Compatibility Patch
Do Not use Planetary Diversity Orginal Art without permission.
Planetary Diversity on ModDB
PD 2.1.*
PD 1.9.*
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Planet Ideas
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Odd Error - Extremely low habitability
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Kornak Vor 4 Stunden 
Great help!. Thank you.:steamhappy:
Gatekeeper  [Autor] Vor 10 Stunden 
@Kornak - So whats happening is that the traits file is being overwritten by Zenith so the AI thinks all of the planets have zero habitability (because the file that tells them how much habitability they get in PD isn't being allowed to be used) . You need to move Zenith above PD in your load order or you need to you find/make a patch.
Kornak Vor 12 Stunden 
disabling pd mods made the AI colonize again...
Kornak Vor 12 Stunden 
I'm using Zenith mod along as some other mods as well.
but no AI improvement
Gatekeeper  [Autor] Vor 12 Stunden 
@Villi Metsästys - No it does not, although you can still do Ironman saves.
Villi Metsästys Vor 12 Stunden 
Does this work with achievements?
Gatekeeper  [Autor] Vor 16 Stunden 
@Kornak - Are you using an AI mod? Because thats not normal and not an issue I've ever noticed. Also, have you tried to play as a non-vanilla species? If another mod is overwriting the traits file you'll run into issues (ie if you are using MEM, Zenith etc)
Kornak Vor 16 Stunden 
hello, is there a reason why the AI does not colonize the planets? had a empire with snow planet capital and 3 other snow planets within their borders and the did not colonize them at all? 50 Years gone and they still stay on one planet
Oribeth 17. Okt. um 14:04 Uhr 
because i have hundreds of system and i try to colonise everything in them and i usualy surveyed them ages before my colonisation front reach so i have no idea in which system they are since they aren't marked, well i managed to narrow them down thhhey only appear in G or M star system or pulsar but still with nothing marking them it's hhard to find them
Gatekeeper  [Autor] 17. Okt. um 8:37 Uhr 
@Oribeth - There isn't, but why would you need to?