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Capitalism Currency
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Capitalism Currency

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Installation requirement
All the other Capitalism mods require this mod, so you need to run it first. BUT it's not required at first position in your whole list. Mod is 100% stackable.

ModID: 747539326
- Commited updates of Capitalism mods
- Global gus.ini settings
- Bank gus.ini settings [OBSOLETE]
- Bank 2 game.ini settings
- LootSystem game.ini settings
- AITweakerImplant game.ini settings
- DinoGarage gus.ini and game.ini settings
- StatisticsProcessor gus.ini settings
- Spawn Code
- Script Commands

Compatible modular mods
This mod is meant to be a basis dependency for following trading mods.
- Capitalism Props Table [ModID: 771279262]
- Capitalism Research Table [ModID: 775049557]
- Capitalism Admin Table [ModID: 784166441]
- Capitalism NPC Trader [ModID: 873746971]
- Capitalism Player Trader [ModID: 873749349]
- Capitalism Bounty Hunter [ModID: 898472628]

Mesh for Glory Coin and mesh for buildable Coin Bag, which is indestructible but can be removed via looting it's content.

Additional Content
Capitalism Bank
This mod packages also includes the Capitalism Bank package, which comes with a small box an admin can build to enable players to access the banking interface.

Capitalism Loot System
An enhanced buff based loot system is also included in this mod package. Possible settings can be found here. This system allows you to setup multiple specific loot tables for every dino type. In addition to that, this implementation works much more stable than the predecessor DinoLoot, which was altering the dino base classes on the server and client file system. Now this is no longer necessary, since every dino gets a loot buff attached which handles death events and the correct loot tables.

Spawn in (improved) loot crates
If you wish, that Glory Coins should also spawn in loot crates, have look into this discussions:
- PrimalArk maps
- Caves PrimalArk maps
- ScorchedEarth maps
- Caves ScorchedEarth maps

Additional Features
Monitor your trading system and maybe even use automatic price finding to auto balance your servers' economy.

Donation Hall of Fame[]

You can show your appreciation for this mod with

If you like my work and want to support further development or just to spend me a coffee please

This mod/code/work is protected by the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International Creative Commons License.[]
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BunkerMike Vor 6 Stunden 
Hi, gibt es irgendwo ne deutsche Anleitung? Mod ist installiert incl NPC Trader, läuft aber nicht. Muss ich Eintragungen in der gus.ini vornehmen? Spiele im Singleplayer. Ist er evtl inkompatibel mit Parados oder Pugnacia oder anderen Mods? Spiele auf der Map Hope
Impulse  [Autor] Vor 8 Stunden 
@Tito, concerning the NPCTrader CustomBuyTable and your claim that items with higher item rating won't be rolled to get a random quality on buy event. I can't reproduce this issue in the DevKit, will test it again on Singleplayer and Live TestServer.
Impulse  [Autor] Vor 8 Stunden 
@Tito, this then has no longer something to do with the original MarketAreaEnabler and it's requirements, and would require a whole new system. I currently do not have the time resources to develop such a system.
👹Titø👹 Vor 9 Stunden 
@Impulse, Returning to the previous of the custom table, it still fails to generate the engram of better quality, since the engram generates it with quality and the purchase executes it of value 100
👹Titø👹 Vor 9 Stunden 
@impulse, I want them to be invulnerable throughout the server, in order to protect new ones that enter the server
Impulse  [Autor] Vor 10 Stunden 
Ah so in particular, you want to make them invulnerable accross the server and not only within the torches range?
👹Titø👹 Vor 10 Stunden 
@Impulse, what Sue means is that if there is any chance that the torch would protect a person or tribe when entering the server and be immune (PVE) for x day
Impulse  [Autor] Vor 11 Stunden 
@Sue, please define what you understand with "total protection"
Sue Vor 11 Stunden 
@impulse hi, is there any chance that you can add to the torch a total protection of a tribe for x days?
Impulse  [Autor] Vor 11 Stunden 
@Scuzzy Kidd, yes cause i think it's fairly obvious what it's supposed to do. But i'll add descriptions to the discussion page.