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Jelly Arcade
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
22. Apr. 2016 um 3:13 Uhr
7. Juni 2017 um 16:07 Uhr
Jelly Arcade is a cartoony action in an arcade-style puzzle jumper.

Your arch-enemy has kidnapped your girlfriend!!
Run, jump and catapult your way through forests and caves to get her back!
Use your reflexes and ingenuity to collect stars and medals along the way, but watch out!
The journey is long and full of hurdles, with nasty snakes, birds, bats, frogs, lava, moles, machinery and more!
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24. Apr. 2016 um 19:12 Uhr
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Mineboy cz 10. Dez. 2016 um 2:17 Uhr 
More than PC game it looks like mobile game and mobile ports is.............meh not so GOOD:steambored:
ladywonderer.cl 8. Okt. 2016 um 3:46 Uhr 
it s very pleasant to look at
Caius 9. Sep. 2016 um 10:40 Uhr 
Very interesting game. I found it very fun gameplay and liked the art of the game, which is very beautiful and colorful. I liked even more to have several scenarios and I imagine it has many challenges as well. It would be even better if the game had cards and achievements, as the game would be even more interesting. I voted yes and I hope that these implementations are made, because the game is very good. :steamhappy:
Апельсинчик 26. Juni 2016 um 3:34 Uhr 
Xinef 14. Juni 2016 um 21:09 Uhr 
@Doctor Varda
You can find a contact form and mail address on our company page:
The Doctor / Varda 11. Juni 2016 um 19:51 Uhr 
Hi! I'm Varda and I represent a Steam Group. May I have the chance of contact you by mail for press issues? Maybe we can help you with Greenlight Boosting services. Thanks!
Ionutz[ro] 16. Mai 2016 um 23:31 Uhr 
ool game! Vote yes
vs1toronto 29. Apr. 2016 um 4:32 Uhr 
This ones got something. Upvote
hammersongames 29. Apr. 2016 um 0:44 Uhr 
Nice! Like it! VOte!
Game Development Championship 28. Apr. 2016 um 13:21 Uhr 
Cute-looking endless runner. The boss-fight mechanics look interesting and fun!

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Good luck with the development!