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ARK: Survival Evolved

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Pet Finder
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Pet Finder

Find all your lost pets easily!
★ Ever lost a naughty pet chasing a player or dino to god knows where?
★ Use this to find them again! A must have for pet lovers ;)
★ Also recalls stuck flying pets in the air above you to land, use finder under it to call it down.
★ Light beacon can only be seen by owner player. Directional markers can be seen by anyone.
★ Clean and Stackable like all my mods.

  1. Finds stuck pets that were following you but somehow got stuck far away.
  2. Finds all pets tamed by you and your tribe, that are
    ★ Not being ridden.
    ★ Not too near you.
    ★ Not anywhere near your tribe's beds, at least 50 floor spaces away (adjustable).
  3. A beacon of yellow light will signal Tribe pets location (lasts 20 secs).
  4. A beacon of green light will signal Personal pets location.
  5. Directional markers will also light a horizontal path if you are too far away, follow them to the pet's direction (reuse every 10 secs).
  6. Pet Finder costs 0 points to learn. Costs 1 stone to craft.

Optional Server Setting:
  • BedPreventRange: Lower value will allow pet detection nearer to friendly beds, or vice versa. Default or unset will be 10000 range, roughly 50 floors. (Don't change if you don't know)
  • Paste below lines at end of your server's GameUserSettings.ini and edit default values:

ModID= 566887000
Troubleshooting Link for Problems and Solutions

This mod is free. Feel free to use any ideas and resources from it.

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★ Disclaimer: So I am not updating anymore for my own reasons. But I have and always will allow everyone free use of any resources and ideas from all my Ark projects, rest assured I will never deny your creative freedom. Also please don't spread rumors, and keep in mind I'm not responsible for any actions you take on your own.
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815 Kommentare
Exodus永 3. Juni 2021 um 1:03 
3.081 MB
Posted 2 Dec, 2015 @ 8:47am
Updated 13 Feb, 2017 @ 6:30pm
下饭操作来料加工 5. Apr. 2021 um 0:33 
not good:krbanana:
StoneTiger 22. März 2021 um 15:16 
@ Kraven Look up the mod Dino Tracker. Its a more up to date mod and works well
Kraven The Mad 14. März 2021 um 13:05 
doesn't seem to work if pets are on follow, my rex went missing as it was following me. But it did work for my 2 pets I put on wander. I don't think it died it was 205 and it wasn't in the messages also I play single player
Skryer 22. Feb. 2021 um 10:46 
Worked perfectly on Ragnarok.
XHead 21. Feb. 2021 um 11:17 
February 2021 worked great for me on Aberration
Diff_1 16. Dez. 2020 um 20:35 
@Mekkie It should still point to them even if they are on follow, if it is not working then try a mod called Dino tracker. This mod was great in it's time but has not been updated in years, sometimes it works other times it doesn't.
Mekkie 14. Dez. 2020 um 22:27 
Lost 2 dinos and cant find them, they were on follow to each other :( is there some config to edit to where it will still point to dinos who are on a follow command? Thanks :/
Scott_hn 22. Sep. 2020 um 9:57 
@not-a-roach... this mod has been dead for years, try Dino Tracker...
Not-a-Cockroach, the Unbug 19. Sep. 2020 um 12:30 
If the modder is still paying attention to this...

I LOVE this mod! It's been a LIFESAVER for finding stray dinos (they tend to survive me >.>)

However, it definately needs to be updated. My friends and I are experiencing repeated glitches with it where it keeps trying to lead us to dinos we don't own.