Sid Meier's Civilization V

Sid Meier's Civilization V

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ASOIAF Wonder Pack
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21. Sep. 2015 um 15:26 Uhr
7. Dez. 2015 um 20:30 Uhr
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ASOIAF Wonder Pack

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A Mod of Thrones
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Adds several wonders from A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin, complete with quotes and artwork.

Iron Throne: Provides +1 Culture and +5 Delegates.

Great Sept of Baelor: Must be built in a Holy City. Provides +5 Faith and spawns 1 Pikeman for each city following your religion upon completion.

Titan of Braavos: Must be built in a coastal city. Provides +2 Culture and +8 City Defense. Trade routes have 50% more range and incoming trade routes grant +2 Gold to both parties.

Daznak's Pit: +1 Culture, +2 Gold, and +2 Happiness. Grants all of your units +10 XP every time a Golden Age starts.

Maegor's Passages: Provides +1 Great Engineer point and -75% Espionage rate in this city.

Alchemist's Guild: Provides +5 Science and +1 Great Scientist point. Spawns two Wildfire Trebuchets, which have an extra 200% damage against cities and 100% damage against naval units.

Hightower: Must be built in a coastal city. Provides 2 Great Merchant points. Gives the city a vision range of 12.

The Wall: Gives you Brandon the Builder, a unique worker who can build Mountain tiles, but disappears at the Renaissance Era. Also provides +3 Great Engineer points. (NOTE: Due to Civ V's graphical limitations, the mountains don't visually show up until the game is reloaded.)

Seastone Chair: Provides +1 Culture and +1 Production from Sea Resources(Crab, Fish, Pearls, Whales, Oil). Spawns a Great Admiral.

Water Gardens: +2 Happiness and +1 Culture. Provides +50 Culture and +50 Golden Age Points every time a citizen is born in this city.

Red Keep: +1 Culture. +15 City Defense and +50 City HP. Units stationed in this city heal to full health each turn.

Moon Door: -15% espionage rate. +3 Happiness and +5 City Defense. Provides a free Constabulary or equivalent building.
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41 Kommentare
Michel_s_4 27. Juli 2017 um 9:41 Uhr 
This is so cool :D My one complaint would be that a few of them are a bit too powerful (iron throne pretty much guarantees complete domination of the WC in games with not many CSs) but I really like the quotes and pictures and just the general ideas for these! Thank you
MrMagicmann12 21. Feb. 2017 um 14:06 Uhr 
Does this mod need DLC it wont show in mny load order thing
the funny dog 9. Jan. 2017 um 20:08 Uhr 
Should the iron throne need a castle before being able to be built? I mean... where else would you build it? xD Also the red keep should provide a free castle... idk if it already does, haven't tested it yet, but that also makes sense, lol.
hrafninn 9. Jan. 2017 um 6:46 Uhr 
Is it possible to combine this with the three other GoT wonder packs here? There are dublicates and can this be removed from this mod?
denialihilist 20. Juli 2016 um 14:19 Uhr 
I threw your aunt lysa in the moondoor sansa
IlMatteo  [Autor] 10. Juli 2016 um 10:50 Uhr 
@Axeman: Sunspear is a city so it doesn't really qualify as a wonder.
Bears, Beets, Battlestars 9. Juli 2016 um 21:26 Uhr 
No Sunspear?
Technocratic Archfiend 12. Juni 2016 um 16:51 Uhr 
I didn't realise Braavos' UA was that. I have no idea what you could give them alternatively.
IlMatteo  [Autor] 12. Juni 2016 um 8:06 Uhr 
@Technocratic Archfiend: Braavos's unique ability is meant to represent the Iron Bank, but I might still make it a separate wonder.
Technocratic Archfiend 12. Juni 2016 um 4:37 Uhr 
are you planning to include The Iron Bank [Of Braavos]?