ARK: Survival Evolved

ARK: Survival Evolved

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Valhalla Redux
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21. Aug. 2015 um 20:37 Uhr
16. Juni 2019 um 1:44 Uhr
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Valhalla Redux

Just to set expectations, the continuing work on this map is NOT to add major features. Just fixing the sins of my past mistakes from early in my modding career. New foliage layouts and spawning improvements are in the works, but the majority of the new tricks and features are being implemented in our upcoming project, APEX.

I will observe the status here to fix any unforeseen issues while this is going on, as well as on twitter.
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13. Feb. um 4:21 Uhr
Excited Kangaroo
3. Okt. 2019 um 8:35 Uhr
ANGEHEFTET: Silica Pearls/Oil/Obelisk/Crystal/Caves/Dino Spawn - Everything DETAILED
9. Feb. 2017 um 14:19 Uhr
ANGEHEFTET: Server/general support.
Excited Kangaroo
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Tff 19. Feb. um 10:57 Uhr 
my favorite map of all times 10/10.
Pake 17. Feb. um 15:38 Uhr 
Just loaded this up again, had fond memories, and I noticed the red wood forest is missing. Is this just me? Was this removed intentionally?
rocksk8r2k9 11. Feb. um 15:50 Uhr 
does anyone know what spawn entries this map uses? if its the same as another map which one?
PappyTaterABQ 7. Feb. um 10:02 Uhr 
How many KM is this map?
jerro 27. Jan. um 10:34 Uhr 
i think the valhalla map is the best map in ark. if hope a few corrections are made at spawn point east 1, the water there looks buggy. if you drive out a bit and it is difficult to build in some places.

@Doomslayer you can add the mod simple spawner, then you can spawn all wyverns on a place you want and place wyvern egg spawner at the place, very cool mod.
i spawn also, aberation and extinction creatures on my map too.
drsewell 24. Jan. um 12:15 Uhr 
@cylon8 - Great Idea
THE SHARK 23. Jan. um 16:19 Uhr 
this man below me is a false
Doomslayer 21. Jan. um 13:11 Uhr 
is there a spawn point for wyvern eggs? (if yes didnt find yet O.o)
cylon8 7. Jan. um 9:20 Uhr 
hey dave can you ask jackson if theres any possibility he could upload umassoura again even if he doesnt plan to finish it we can used simple spawners to flesh out the map. i was an original donator to the map and would love to still have access to it
RedCatGaming 3. Jan. um 10:57 Uhr 
because its a map not a mod