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Performance Tuning Guide - Cities Skylines
Von aubergine18
Game running slow? This guide has some tips for making it load and run faster...

Note: This is an extension to the Main Troubleshooting FAQ.
Reduce load times
Faster loading main menu

Delete unwanted save games (maybe back them up first?) and you'll get to the main menu faster; weirdly it will also speed up the game as well!

Locations of save folders can be found in Appendix E of the Main Troubleshooting FAQ.

Faster loading of saves

The more workshop assets you install, the longer games will take to load. Each new asset exponentially increases game load time, and if you have too many the game will lag horribly and maybe even crash. Curb your Subscription Addiction!
Quick fps boost
For an immediate fps boost:
  • Disable (or reduce amount of) Shadows via the game's Options screen
  • Disable "Film Grain" (drag slider to 0) via game's Options screen
  • Enable V-Sync in game's Options screen (if this causes mouse to not match up to buttons, set screen resolution to one that is natively supported by both graphics card and monitor).
  • Disable Clouds
  • More tips here[]
All mods reduce fps

The more mods and assets you subscribe to, more work the computer has to do; unsubscribe anything you don't regularly use to reduce CPU and GPU load.

Remove broken mods

Unsubscribe any broken mods (don't just disable them, complete unsubscribe them).

The following mods are known to cause fps drop in-game:

Enahnced Zoom (turn off the zoom to cursor option in it's config)
Favorite Cims
Traffic++ (devs are working hard to fix this)
Transport Lines Manager

Additional graphics options

Use Dynamic Resolution mod to scale to a smaller internal resolution

Use More Options mod to disable things like smoke and tweak other graphics settings.

Custom UI skins

WARNING: Sapphire UI and all skins are currently broken since 1.1.1b patch :(

Use custom UI such as Silicon Skin to prevent the map from getting squished by the toolbar; this increases fps slightly.
Curb your subscription addiction, especially for growables (residential, commercial, industry, offices). The more assets you have, the slower the game will run, especially for assets that have LODs with >150 tris.

Check filesizes before installing assets – anything over 10MB, especially for smaller buildings, should probably be avoided.

Use this mod to find bloated assets:
Guidance for Asset Authors:
Ursprünglich geschrieben von CO_Dae:
The model size is not limited other than by Unity's limit of about 65000 vertices per mesh, but even approaching that is too much for single assets. To give some rough guidelines, the triangle count of the building models in the stock game ranges from less than 1000 triangles for the smallest and simplest buildings to about 5000 for large and complex buildings. A few exceptional buildings use up to 10-15k triangles. Vehicles typically have 500-1000 triangles, while trees vary from a few hundred for simple bushes to about 2000 for the more complex ones. Also note that a large number of props can also make the asset rendering slower, which is why there is a limit in the asset editor.
Graphics Card
Use latest drivers

Make sure you're using the latest drivers, direct from the manufacturer website, for your graphics card.

Avoid overheating graphics card

If your graphics card is overheating (>70ºC), it will throttle itself and often causing significant fps loss. If you think that is happening, it's better to limit fps to prevent it overheating. You can use mods like Frame Limit on 30fps or alternatively use the -limitfps Launch Parameter to set a custom fps limit.

Graphics cards will sometimes overheat if you overclock them. There's no point overclocking a graphics card if it overheats causing it to throttle to a speed lower than before you overclocked it.

Don't use integrated graphics

If your computer has integrated graphics in addition to a real graphics card, make sure it's using the real graphics card (instructions here[]) as it will be much, much faster.
Windows: Nvidia SLI
If you have two Nvidia cards, you can use the following settings to boost performance of the game (thanks to Shaowdane for this tip):
  • Install Nvidia Inspector[]
  • If you haven't used Nvidia Inspector before, read this guide[]
  • Use these settings for your Cities:Skylines profile:
    • SLI Compatiblity Bits (DX1x): 0x202121F5
    • Nvidia Predefined # of GPUs to use on SLI for DX10: SLI_PREDEFINED_GPU_COUNT_DX10_FOUR
    • Nvidia Predefined SLI mode on DX 10: SLI_PREDEFINED_MODE_DX10_FORCE_AFR2
Windows: GTX770
Add the following Launch Parameter:

Windows: DirectX and VC Runtime
This is not for the feint hearted and you should take a complete system backup before doing it. Doing this may cause problems with other games or applications (although you can usually follow normal upgrade/update steps to get back to more recent versions).


Use the DirectX drivers that the game was developed with:


Visual C Runtime

Use the Visual C Runtime that the game was developed with:

...\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010\vcredist_x64.exe ...\Steam\steamapps\common\Cities_Skylines\_CommonRedist\vcredist\2010\vcredist_x86.exe

(Thanks to Daimyo for the tips in this section)
Windows: Verify disk integrity and check pagefile
To check pagefile, see Microsoft website[] for details.

Also, check your hard drive for bad sectors with a tool such as Ultimate Boot CD[] (thanks to FireFlowerist[] for these tips).
Got any other tips?
Please share any other tips in the comments below.
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34 Kommentare
Nicolas Cage 27. Juli um 11:08 Uhr 
I tried all this and still have 20 fps tops. I guess this game is a lost cause. Good guide though, 2 thumbs up!
Fazzs 23. Juli um 8:40 Uhr 
this game is so badly optimized
semmelsamu 6. Juli um 15:53 Uhr 
Good guide, but it isn't my PC which brought me here. i7-8700K, GTX 1080 TI. 3K test city. no mods, lowest graphic settings. Guess the fps? It's about 30-40. Could you PLEASE fix your game?
Good stuff ⭐️⭐ 13. Juni um 8:16 Uhr 
Very nice guide! Many thanks. I've a W3690 Hexacore @ 4.2 gHz with crossfire HD5870. I've this mods : and around 450 assets. Fews tips who maybe will help :
I play for now with a 90K city. From 35 FPS (FPS activated in steam settings) when I look the city without move the view to freeze for few seconds when I move quickly the camera. This is better than before and it's enought to play. To do that I've disabled bokeh and shadows, lowered texture and kept high details at 1080x920.
I've lowering the simulation precision in Traffic Manager, I've desactivated the roads name, I'use Dynamic Resolution mod, I use Game Booster software. For a old pc I think it's pretty good so for the 1080 and actual CPU owners I think it will be good.
mremreozel 8. Juni um 0:26 Uhr 
More options link is dead.
oculusnl 11. März um 3:29 Uhr 
30FPS @ 300K city :: Disabled mods :: Higest graphic settings

12 CPU cores in use by the game, not one core/thread goes above 50%
GTX1080 GPU does not go over 15% utilisation (and VRAM around 60%)
10GB free memory during gameplay.
Disk IO rarely goes above 3MB writes. Most of the time it's a lot lower.

This game needs optimization and not our PC's. Period.

Let our hardware be the bottleneck so we can choose to lower graphics/mods.
Now we cannot choose.
The game enforces/restrics the FPS via software/design inefficiencies.
Azure 3. Jan. um 23:12 Uhr 
I am quite confused that why this game runs so slow in my laptop. :steamsad:
Eyjafjallajökull 21. Dez. 2017 um 0:19 Uhr 
4690k@4700mhz + 32GB + SSD + GTX 970 = 60FPS
4690k@4700mhz + 32GB + SSD + GTX 1080TI = 12FPS

What is wrong with this game?
Klershwagen 15. Nov. 2017 um 10:42 Uhr 
@Baleur , i have about the same config (i7 4790k, 1080gtx, HDD, 32GB RAM) and have 300+ fps on an empty map, vanilla game. When I have about 500k cims, with 250+ mods and assets, it goes down to 10 fps then. Empty map with full mods is around 75 fps. You may be doing some things wrong
Baleur 12. Nov. 2017 um 12:13 Uhr 
Nothing works.
intel i7, 32gb ram, 1070gtx, SSD. Always stuck at 14fps at medium zoom, 30fps on an empty map. Even without any mods or assets what so ever. Totally broken game. Sigh.